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Instant Lessons™ are English language lessons complete with teachers’ notes and answer keys. The photocopiable lessons are based on articles from Reuters® News Agency, providing up-to-date lesson content at 5 language levels. Each lesson consists of at least 9 exercises, and are often supplemented by self-study interactive online exercises – Instant Workbooks.

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Features and benefits:

  • New lessons (Elementary to Advanced) released each month.
  • Reduce planning time by simply finding the lesson you want, then ‘print and teach’.
  • Browse or search the extensive library, featured lessons and recent lessons.
  • Match your lesson to an Instant Workbook™ self-marking online exercise for your students to do in your computer lab or at home via the Internet.
  • Store your favorite lessons in your own personal ‘My Lessons’ library.
  • Design your own textbook or course complete with related online exercises.
  • Lessons are divided into pre-reading, reading and post-reading sections and can include writing, speaking, listening and comprehension activities.
  • Use the structured teachers’ notes with model answers and helpful hints for teaching each lesson.
  • Link lessons to your existing curriculum.

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English-To-Go supports SPBD Microfinance organization! The Instant Lessons and online resources on this page are about Microfinance. They are available to everyone for free.

Our library for teachers has a huge number of "Instant Lessons" See what others think!

“These are just the greatest lessons for us tired teachers. Thank you so much. It must take you thousands of hours to do all is. Worth every cent, and I thoroughly recommend you to others.”
Patrick Weiss, Australia.
"I just simply must say that these lessons saved me so many times. My husband and I taught English for two years at a College in The People's Republic of China. The materials provided there were so out-dated and so poor that I despaired at what to do. The first year, it was such a struggle to come up with something. Then a dear friend sent me your web-site. It was like "manna from Heaven!" The last year was a breeze. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!"
Sandra, USA
I'm a counsellor in a French secondary school and the teachers of English second language really appreciate your lessons. This is the only up-date material they have and these reading lessons respect all the processes of learning.
Yvon, Canada
Your lessons help me a lot. They are full of fresh ideas and new information. My students and colleagues enjoy the very much. You are doing a great job!
Olga, Staryi Oskol, Russia
Your web site is probably the best I've ever come across. Our college has subscribed and I am recommending that other educational establishments do the same. Keep up the excellent work.
Sylvia, Abu Dhabi

"English-To-Go, the first serious attempt to teach online via the Internet, is a fun and creative way to learn the language. For teachers, it's a godsend: no more hacking up daily papers and then spending hours creating a lesson around a clipping. ETG does the job for you&##133;" - Japan Times.

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