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English-To-Go® resources are available for almost any topic imaginable. They are designed to provide a fun, interesting and meaningful experience for both student and teacher.

Our library for teachers has a huge number of "Instant Lessons" - photocopiable lessons based on Reuters news articles from all around the world. They range from elementary to advanced and cover an enormous range of topics. The lessons have pre-reading activities, reading comprehension, writing and grammar exercises and post-reading activities, games, role plays or discussions. Each lesson comes complete with teachers' notes and answer keys.

Below is a selection of lessons from the online library. Many have linked Instant Workbook lessons - online self-study interactive student exercises. (Indicated by the blue and white “i” icon).

Below the Instant Lessons™ you will find the Weekly Warmer™, Anna Grammar™ and Max Vocab™ sample resources. SelfAccess™ samples and the trial lessons follow.

Instant lesson™ and Instant Workbook™ samples


Title: Noisy Travelers
Topic: Americans hate parents who don't take care of their children on planes, a new survey found. Passengers don't like parents who let their kids misbehave or cry on planes. (Airline travel, likes and dislikes.)
What do Americans really dislike when they are travelling by plane? Find out! There are five exercises to do.
Level: Elementary

Title: Social Climbers
Topic: When most people go into crocodile territory, they keep a lookout for crocodiles in the water or on the land. But now researchers say people should look up. Researchers say crocodiles can climb trees. (Crocodiles, ability of animals for different tasks, using 'can/can't' to describe ability to do something, being good at something.)
Level: Pre-Intermediate

Title: Doing The Right Thing
Topic: A Boston homeless man turned over to police a backpack stuffed with nearly $42,000 worth of cash and travelers checks shortly after he found it at a shopping mall. He has then been rewarded for his selfless act with about $60,000 worth of online donations from people impressed with his honesty. (Honesty, suffix -less, past simple and past continuous.)
Level: Intermediate

Title: Nurses Save Money
Topic: A Massachusetts program that put full-time registered nurses in schools more than paid for itself by averting medical costs and lost work for parents and teachers. (School nurses, education, productivity, interviews, daily routines, frequency adverbs and the present simple.)
Level: Upper-Intermediate

Title: Testing the Littlest
Topic: The drawings on the wall of the Sanga Amaj clinic show one 11-year-old's family tableau - father and mother huddled over heroin kits as their sons watch haplessly. Sanga Amaj is one of three U.S.-funded drug clinics for women and children in Afghanistan, the most overlooked and vulnerable of the country's many opiate addicts. (Drug addiction, children and treatment, Afghanistan.)
Level: Advanced

Course Outlines - Living English

Not sure what order to teach our resources? Want to know what to teach first or what resources go with what? Living English course outlines tell you which of our resources to teach first and help you match resources by topic, vocabulary and grammar point.

Living English - Upper-Intermediate

Outlines are updated regularly as new resources are added to the English-to-go libraries.

Other Resource Samples

Anna Grammar™

Student Worksheets on grammar issues.  
Title: "Have & have got" - Anna Grammar Worksheet  
Topic: Using have and have got to talk about belongings, relationships, descriptions and illnesses.
IWB Skills: Listening, Grammar - have and have got. There are 8 exercises to do.
Level: Elementary

Weekly Warmer™

Short activities designed to stimulate and energize your students.  
Title: Conversation: Vacation plans
Topic: This warmer looks at some language used to describe a vacation at the beach and provides some examples of the past continuous tense and saying sorry when you do not do something  
IWB Skills: Apologizing; Reading comprehension; word order.  
Level: Elementary  

Max Vocab™

Interesting and useful vocabulary worksheets for your students.  
Title: Shopping - A Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Worksheet.
Topic: Where to shop, parts of a shop, shopping words and who to expect in shops.  
IWB Skills: A look at malls, shopping and activities. Grammar - present continuous.
Level: Pre-Intermediate  





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SelfAccess Trial Lesson

Click here to view samples of the SelfAccess lessons.

Earth Day - But What Can I Do?

The environment, Global Warming, Recycling
Some people feel that it is the responsibility of every individual to initiate change to improve the environment. Others feel that only governments and large corporations can initiate changes that will have a significant effect. Explain both points of view and give your own opinion.

Skills: Writing - a task 2 essay giving your opinion, identifying spelling mistakes, Listening - completing notes, classifying statements, completing a diagram, Reading comprehension - answering True, False, Not Given questions, match headings, matching paragraph
Level: Upper-Intermediate .


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English-To-Go supports SPBD Microfinance organization! The Instant Lessons and online resources on this page are about Microfinance. They are available to everyone for free.

Our library for teachers has a huge number of "Instant Lessons" See what others think!

“These are just the greatest lessons for us tired teachers. Thank you so much. It must take you thousands of hours to do all is. Worth every cent, and I thoroughly recommend you to others.”
Patrick Weiss, Australia.
"I just simply must say that these lessons saved me so many times. My husband and I taught English for two years at a College in The People's Republic of China. The materials provided there were so out-dated and so poor that I despaired at what to do. The first year, it was such a struggle to come up with something. Then a dear friend sent me your web-site. It was like "manna from Heaven!" The last year was a breeze. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!"
Sandra, USA
I'm a counsellor in a French secondary school and the teachers of English second language really appreciate your lessons. This is the only up-date material they have and these reading lessons respect all the processes of learning.
Yvon, Canada
Your lessons help me a lot. They are full of fresh ideas and new information. My students and colleagues enjoy the very much. You are doing a great job!
Olga, Staryi Oskol, Russia
Your web site is probably the best I've ever come across. Our college has subscribed and I am recommending that other educational establishments do the same. Keep up the excellent work.
Sylvia, Abu Dhabi

"English-To-Go, the first serious attempt to teach online via the Internet, is a fun and creative way to learn the language. For teachers, it's a godsend: no more hacking up daily papers and then spending hours creating a lesson around a clipping. ETG does the job for you&##133;" - Japan Times.

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