Course Outline - Units 1 - 12

Unit One - What Do You Do In Your Free Time? (Hobbies & Jobs)                  
Language - Present Simple                                                                                           

Unit Two - Have You Got A Cellphone? (Finding things out, ownership and communicating)
Language - Present simple: questions                                                                         

Unit Three - What Are You Doing? (Sport and Watching Sport)
Language - Present continuous                                                                                    

Unit Four - Do You Always Have Breakfast? (Being Healthy)
Language - Possessive adjectives and Pronouns                                                        

Unit Five - What Did You Do On Saturday? (hopping, Weekends and Growing Old)
Language - Past Simple and prepositions of time                                                        

Unit Six - Where Are You? (Air travel and Strange Behavior)
Language - Prepositions of place and past simple                                                       

Unit Seven - What Were You Doing? (Vacations and Experiences)
Language - Past Continuous and Past Simple                                                            

Unit Eight - What Is That? (Recipes, Insects and Fast Food)
Language - Countable and Uncountable Nouns, Quantifiers                                         

Unit Nine - Which One Is the Tallest? (Buildings and Famous Places)
Language - Comparatives and Superlative Adjectives                                                 

Unit Ten - What Are You Going To Do? (Plans, Shopping & Education)
Language - Going to - talking about future intentions and plans                                   

Unit Eleven - Why Did They Do It? (Crime)
Language - Infinitive of purpose                                                                                       

Unit Twelve - Where Have You Been? (Animals and the Weather)
Language - Present Perfect Simple                                                                                       

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