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English To Go Ltd ("ETG") sells digital English as a Second Language (ESL) solutions. English-to-go uses the Internet to deliver:

  • Integrated and custom tailored sets of lessons
  • Courses
  • Assessments
  • Tests.

We provide ESL lessons to institutions, teachers and students around the world, for use either online or in hard copy formats. Our lessons are based on Reuters news stories.

The Japan Times

“English-To-Go, the first serious attempt to teach online via the Internet, is a fun and creative way to learn the language…”

BBC Education Web

“An excellent resource with new articles each week on current issues. Although the site is designed for English language teachers, the content is equally useful for native English speakers in Secondary Schools or Home Schooling groups.”

The market
English has become the default language of communication for the whole world. This presents a significant opportunity with over two billion people studying the English language today. Simultaneously, the digital economy, driven by the demand for “information here and now” has grown exponentially. The convergence of these two trends (English as the global language and the digital economy) is fuelling the demand for digital ESL solutions. We have positioned ETG to reap the benefits of this demand and believe that in ten years, the ETG model will be standard industry practice.


As yet, no one company provides a complete digital ESL package which caters for both teachers and students, and offers assessment, instant tailored lessons, certification and personalized learning pathways. This is the market niche ETG seeks to dominate.

ETG’s competitive advantages include ownership of an unparalleled database of on-line ESL content. ETG owns a database of thousands of ESL lessons covering all areas of English competence and topics. Using this database, ETG can create custom solutions in real time for its key market sectors: Institutions, teachers and students.

ETG has created strong brand awareness with its Instant Lessons™, Instant Workbooks™, Max Vocab™, Anna Grammar™ and SelfAccess™ range of products that have been used by more than 80,000 users.

ETG’s products are more cost effective and efficient than any traditional publishing model. We achieve this through our robust and scalable business model which is based around 4 key elements.

  • A qualified contract labour resource pool of ESL teachers that produce our educational resources.
  • A global base of geographic distributors who are connected with their markets and eager to take advantage of it.
  • Centralised marketing functions which are localised by our distributors.

  • Distribution via the Internet.


Finally, ETG, unlike our competition, is enthusiastically embraced by institutions, teachers and students alike. This is because ETG is positioned as the teacher’s friend. ETG does not attempt to replace schools or teachers; we help them.


The Board




Premium Resellers



1. Teacher resources
ETG has more than 1,700 individual “print and teach” lessons targeted at schools and teachers to provide a total resource base for teaching ESL/EFL. To put this into perspective, if just our Instant Lessons™ (which currently exceed 1100) were printed out they would take approximately 5,000 A4 pages. All of this material is available in a fully indexed database.

In addition we have developed hundreds of hours of on-line interactive resources which students can use to improve their skills as well as practice for major English examinations (e.g. TOEIC, FCE, IELTS or TOEFL).


2. Courses
Using our resource base as a core, ETG can assemble a customised course for individuals and schools that will meet all of their individual requirements. In addition, the resources can be used to assemble courses for ESP (English for Special Purposes) such as medicine or aviation.


3. Online lessons
http://www.selfaccess.com is a site designed specifically student use. There are more than 400 online lessons available in the library based on Reuters news articles. Intermediate level students and above can use the Academic lessons to assist in preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, FCE or TOEIC.
We also have online exam preparation courses.
The General English exercises provide listening, reading, writing and grammar exercises from elementary to advanced. These lessons are used by universities, ESL schools and secondary schools all over the world. Free samples are available.


4. Remedial courses
Finally for individual learners, our resource and database structure will allow us to administer an on-line test, automatically diagnose deficiencies and then generate a specifically tailored remedial course in real time.



The Board

Greg Casagrande - Chairman

Greg has a record of significant achievement with Ford Motor Company, Mazda Motor Company and Coopers and Lybrand in the financial management, product development, manufacturing and sales and marketing arenas. He has led teams in the Americas, Europe and Asia and was honoured to be the youngest-ever Buchou (Division General Manager) of any major Japanese corporation.

Greg is a promoter of entrepreneurialism in Auckland and is on the founding board of the Ice Angels, a network of angel investors associated with the Ice House. He serves on the board of hi-tech company, BioMatters (www.biomatters.com).

He also serves on the Board of Directors of PlaNet Finance, a world leading, Paris based, microfinance support network, serves on the Board of Patrons of the United Nations International Year of Microcredit – 2005 and is founder of South Pacific Business Development Finance.


Chris Hogg

Chris has extensive international senior management, marketing and sales experience. He has held key leadership positions in software and services companies in North America and Europe over the last 20 years. Chris returned to New Zealand in 2002 to join ETG. Most recently Chris managed all non-American activities for CSG Systems International Ltd. (NASDAQ:CSGS).

Gavin McCardle

Gavin taught and lectured at high schools and universities in Australia, New Zealand and Tonga for 10 years as an ESL professional before joining the other three founders to start English-To-Go.com. He has also worked as a researcher and university administrator and on radio. He has written for newspapers and magazines in Australia and New Zealand. He has qualifications from Queensland University of Technology, Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington.




English-To-Go resources are distributed through a number of key domain names.


We support numerous institutions from around the world. Listed below are some examples:

British Council
Hawthorn English Language Centre, Melbourne Private University, Australia
Gent College Belgium
Higher Colleges of Technology UAE
ATSE (Abel Training School of English) - China
Nagoya University, Japan
Harvard. Bridge to Literacy, USA
Asahikawa Medical College Japan
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Auckland University English Language Academy - New Zealand
Brookes University - UK
SSTC Education centre - Singapore
Hong Kong Baptist University - Hong Kong
UK Education Advisory Service (UKEAS) - Taiwan
Bridgestone - Japan
Prins Maurits - Netherlands
West Island School - Hong Kong
Griffith University - Australia



Partners include Reuters, Macmillan, and Digital Brain plc.




English To Go employs a distribution model to target specific geographic regions. Depending upon the nature and reach of our distributors they can enjoy exclusive distribution rights for a particular territory. We currently have distributors in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, India and New Zealand. We are actively seeking distributors around the world and would welcome an enquiry if you are interested to marketing@english-to-go.com.

Premium Resellers

English-To-Go offers two reseller programs.
One is commission based reselling and the other a purchase and resell program.





The English-To-Go Affiliate Program offer companies with an Internet presence the opportunity to refer potential members in return for volume-based fees.




For more information about the company or any of our programmes, please send an email to marketing@english-to-go.com, call us on +64 9 375 3020 or write to us at P O Box 2345, Shortland Street, Auckland 1001, New Zealand.

Fun, engaging, up-to-date resources based on Thomson Reuters® news articles.

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