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Weekly Warmer



Soccer World Cup - Russia, 2018

This warmer gets students talking, forming questions and scanning for information.

Level: Intermediate and above

Language Aims: To practice reading for understanding, to practice asking and answering questions.

Time: 20 minutes

Preparation: Make copies of the worksheets A or B below so that each student in a pair will have either an A. or B. worksheet.


1. Give half of the students in your class the Student A. worksheet, the other half the Student B. worksheet. Ask the As to sit together and the Bs. to sit together.

 2. Tell the class they are going to read information about the cities hosting the 2018 Soccer World Cup.

3. Ask them to spend a few minutes reading through their worksheet. (You may like to discourage them from using dictionaries.) After a few minutes, ask them to look at the parts of the text that have gaps. They should think about what kind of words will go in the gaps.

4. They then look at the question prompts in brackets next to each gap. Tell them to work with other students around them to make a question to ask about the missing information for each gap. Circulate and help with question formation. Students can check their questions with other students who have the same worksheet (e.g. As talking to As.) if you wish.

5. When everyone has had enough time, ask students to find a partner with someone with the other worksheet. Then ask students to sit in their pairs facing each other over a desk or table.

6. Students ask their partner questions to find the words that go in each gap. They answer their partner's questions. Their aim is to complete their worksheet with the correct information.

7. You may like to check answers with the whole class quickly at the end.

Extension: With more advanced students you may like to delete the question prompts in brackets so students must make the questions on their own.


Worksheet: To Be Copied And Given To Students

Worksheet For Student A:

Worksheet For Student B:






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