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Integrated resources for English
language learning.

Institutions can purchase an Institutional license for SelfAccess™, English-To-Go® teaching resources, and Instant Workbook™ student exercises.

Get online resources for your students and Instant Lessons for all teachers.


What is an Institutional License?

This is an exclusive license of our products and services for your institution’s use. Complement your school’s curriculum, resource base and course structure by licensing our high quality materials for both teachers and students. Our dedicated team will customize a package that will cater to your institution’s needs. We have several Institutional licenses that can be combined in a tailor-made solution for you. Please contact us for a quote.


English-To-Go Teacher Resource Institutional Licenses

This license allows teachers from your institution to use the full range of English-To-Go teaching resources. Control of this product is firmly kept in your hands as you have the ability to nominate an administrator to maintain licenses and control teacher accessibility.

For less than the cost of one textbook per student, gain access to our growing, fully searchable database of lessons and lesson plans. There are currently more than 1500 lessons that will tie in directly to any curriculum. Learn more about these products.





Student Resources


SelfAccess and Instant Workbook Institutional Licenses

Provide your students and teaching staff with real content for your labs. Our materials are online, up-to-date, topical and international. They can be linked to your curriculum through our point and click search facility. Students can study in your lab or at home through a co-branded portal. See some of our co-branded institutional sites here. We brand our site with your institution’s name for your users and the site can be accessed from anywhere in the world. There are three different institutional licenses which can be combined for students’ use.


SelfAccess Institutional License

SelfAccess can be licensed on computers throughout your institution or within a specific lab environment. Each licensed computer can access our resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Flexibility is maximized as students have the ability to access materials and practice in a class-like environment, or through individual study in the lab.

A lab license provides access for an agreed number of simultaneous users. Access to user settings and administration menus are removed so students cannot change settings. You can control the content that your students use using our classroom based library management system.


SelfAccess Individual Licenses

Purchase Individual SelfAccess licenses to be easily distributed to students. Each student will be assigned their own unique log in name and password.
Learn more about SelfAccess


Instant Workbook Licenses

Allow your students to practice skills studied in class. Instant Workbook is designed to provide teachers with the ability to select resources for their students. Both classroom and individual student access can be maintained. Instant Workbook exercises are excellent for study and practice of general and academic English. A lab license provides Instant Workbook access for an agreed number of simultaneous users. Instant Workbook exercises can be used as a standalone resource or as a continuation exercise from a corresponding Instant Lesson. Students can access the entire library or login and get only pre-selected lessons. Lessons may be pre-booked by teachers from the Teachers’ Room.
Learn more about Instant Workbook

Features and benefits include:

  • All English-To-Go teacher and student resources are made available to institutions.
  • Save teacher preparation time, providing practical professional development and utilizing your investments in IT infrastructure.
  • Provide popular up to date courseware at a fraction of the cost if you were to provide it yourself.
  • Use the class based library management system to organize the lessons students can use.
  • Design your own personalized courses.
  • Institutions are assigned their own account manager who will offer ongoing support in the administration and operation of our products.
  • We offer a co-branded homepage which students and teachers log on to in order to gain access to materials. This helps promote your institution, gives students confidence and maintains an emotional attachment to your organization.
  • Additional tools can be used to help administer and monitor services including usage statistics and group communication tools.
  • Special discounts are available for large volume subscriptions.
  • Subscription fees can easily be substituted into your institution’s course costs.

Become one of the growing number of recognized institutions worldwide who offer our services to their students and teachers.



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Receive an individually designed quote for your institution by filling out the form below. The English-To-Go sales team will be in contact with you within two business days. Thank you for your interest.

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