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Max Vocab

Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Shopping

A Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Worksheet

1. Vocabulary Definitions
When we want to buy things, we usually say we are going shopping. We go to a store (American English) or shop (British English). If it is a group of shops together we might say we are going to the shopping center. If we want to buy food, we may say we are going grocery shopping. A shopping mall is a large group of shops in a covered area in which you can walk around.

Different Kinds of Shops:
A large shop that sells all kinds of foods is called a supermarket. A hypermarket usually includes a supermarket and department store. A department store is a large shop with different sections or departments selling lots of different things.

A delicatessen or deli sells cooked foods or prepared foods like salads, cold cooked meats and cheeses.
A butcher sells different meat products.
A fruit and vegetable shop or greengrocer sells fruit and vegetables.
A bakery sells different kinds of bread.
A florist is a shop or company that sells flowers, especially flowers that have been put together in a special way.
A secondhand shop has things that are not new.
A plant shop or garden center is a place where you can buy flowers and plants to grow in your garden.
A boutique sells women's clothing and jewelery.
Factory outlets are stores selling brandname clothes and shoes at discounted prices.
A stall is a place in a market where you can sell things.

A store that sells milk, ice-cream, small amounts of groceries etc and is often open longer than other stores has different names in different English speaking countries: for example, convenience store, 7-Eleven (parts of Australia), dairy (New Zealand), corner store, superette or newsagent. You need to find the name that is used where you are living.

A store that has a drive-thru or drive-through part allows you to buy something without leaving your car.

People in shops:
The person who helps or serves you in a store is known as a shop assistant or sales assistant. If we need to see the person in charge, we ask to speak to the manager or a supervisor.

Parts of a Store:
A changing room is a place in the shop with a mirror where you can try clothes on.
The checkout is the place where you pay for what you have bought. The till (British English) or cash register (American English) is the machine used to add up how much is spent and give change.
At a supermarket you put your food in a cart known as a shopping cart or trolley.

Shopping Words:
If you want to exchange something, you want to change or replace it for something else because it's the wrong size etc.
A receipt is a piece of paper that lists what you bought from a shop and the price.
If you get a bargain, you think something  is a cheap or good price.
If you pay in cash, you pay in money in notes and coins.
If something is on special, the price of something is lower than it usually is. When a shop has a sale, it is selling things at lower prices than it usually does.
Fresh food is food that is not old and it has been made or picked not long ago.

2. Crossword Puzzle
Your teacher is going to divide the class into two groups. One of you is Student A, the other is Student B.
Work together and fill in the crossword. Ask and answer questions with your partner. Do not show the other person your words.


Pair Crossword for Student B
Pair Crossword for Student B
Complete Crossword


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