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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!

Check out our lessons all about holidays and summer vacations!



Title: Family of Ducks
Date:13 June 2014
Topic:Two duck stories. Tina Chen is very busy. She is mother for 16 ducklings in her 12th floor apartment. When a family of ducklings fell down a Vancouver sewer grate their mother asked a police officer for help. (Amazing true stories, ordering events, questions, headlines, using 'so' and 'because'.)
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Title: Avoidance Apps
Date:1 May 2014
Topic:Trying to avoid an awkward encounter with an ex? Fearful of an embarrassing meeting after an argument? New apps can help people avoid bumping into others and provide escape routes if they do. (Avoiding people you do not want to see, vocabulary hunt., answering a questionnaire.)
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Title: Ebola
Date:8 July 2014
Topic:"West African nations next to those hit by the Ebola epidemic - Mali, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Guinea Bissau - should prepare for the possible arrival of travellers carrying the deadly virus. The outbreak persists especially in the forests of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia." (Health, diseases, preventing the spread of disease, present perfect simple and present perfect continuous.)
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Title: Nurses Save Money
Date:1 July 2014
Topic:A Massachusetts program that put full-time registered nurses in schools more than paid for itself by averting medical costs and lost work for parents and teachers. (School nurses, education, productivity, interviews, daily routines, frequency adverbs and the present simple.)
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Title: Epidemic Fear
Date:8 July 2014
Topic:When Mohamed Swarray contracted the deadly Ebola disease in June, he was confined to a tented isolation ward at Kenema in eastern Sierra Leone. But he didn't stay there long. Suspicious of the doctors in their masks and body-length protective suits, he fled. With West Africa facing the deadliest Ebola outbreak ever fear and mistrust is driving dozens of victims to evade treatment, frustrating doctors trying to contain the epidemic. (Ebola, deadly illnesses and West Africa.)
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instant workbook
Date: 15 May 2014
Vending Machines
Instant Workbook
Topic: Grammar - The passive, adjectives and adjective order.
Skills: Reading comprehension, putting adjectives in order and writing an advertisement for "big Box".
anna grammar
Date: 1 June 2014
'Grammar' Words 2 - What Do They Mean? - NounsView PDF
This Anna Grammar Worksheet looks at the difference between common nouns and proper nouns and also looks at various forms of common nouns such as compound nouns.
weekly warmer
Date: 5 June 2014
You Really Need This!View PDF
This ice-breaker gets learners practicing using persuasive language as they make an advertising pitch.
max vocab
Date: 1 July 2014
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - BedroomView PDF
The bedroom is a room in a home where you sleep. This vocabulary worksheet is another in our homes and houses series.