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Title: Team Refugee
Date:20 July 2016
Topic:Angeline Nadai Lohalith would like to see peace in South Sudan so she could march for her country at the Olympic Games. But Lohalith will march under the flag of the Refugee Olympic team at the 2016 Games in Rio. "I can pass a message to the world that, refugees can also do what other people can do. They should not be looked down upon," Lohalith said. (Olympics, refugees, displaced people)
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Title: Olympic Accommodation
Date:25 July 2016
Topic:For the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the largest athletes' village in the long history of the Games was unveiled. (The Olympic Village, treatment of athletes, hosting an international event, sport.)
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Title: Age No Barrier
Date:1 July 2016
Topic:Age is no barrier to Mark Todd, equestrian knight and double Olympic eventing gold medalist, even if disbelieving bus drivers may still demand to see the New Zealander's pass at the Rio Games in August. (Olympics, eventing, older people, sport, ‘by’ + ‘ing’.)
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Title: The Running of the Bulls
Date:1 August 2016
Topic:Every summer Sergio Colas joins hundreds of other runners for Pamplona's annual bull-run but he cannot hear the roaring crowds or the bulls thundering through the winding streets. Alonso Ceardi has been deaf from birth. A half-tonne bull gored Alonso Ceardi in the chest during the San Fermin festival, but he's still addicted to the thrill of running with bulls. Animal rights activitists want the events stopped. (Festivals, Spain, Mexico, animal rights, conjunctions).
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Title: Strict Diets
Date:18 August 2016
Topic:This lesson has some mixed news about diets and their long term effects. Do this lesson and go to the fridge?? (Diets, food, exercise)
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instant workbook
Date: 18 August 2016
Strict Diets
Instant Workbook
Do diets actually help you lose weight? Try these 6 exercises and find out.
anna grammar
Date: 16 May 2016
It as the subject - Anna Grammar WorksheetView PDF
A clause or sentence in English must have a subject. There or it are used as empty subjects when there is no other subject. This worksheet practices using It as the subject of a sentence.
weekly warmer
Date: 22 August 2016
Food on our platesView PDF
This warmer gets students talking about environmental issues and encourages students to discuss a topic, making predictions.
max vocab
Date: 22 August 2016
Social Media - Max Vocabulary WorksheetView PDF
Looking at the use of social media words in Reuters news articles.