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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!

Halloween is October 31. Check out our featured lessons! We have resources on Halloween and its origins, ghosts and the paranormal.



Title: Doll Hospital
Date:2 September 2014
Topic:A doll hospital in Australia is 101 years old. Most dolls are plastic so there are few doll hospitals in the world. (Favorite toys, doll hospitals, writing a description, do/does for present simple questions, make a choice.)
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Title: Just Don't Go There
Date:17 October 2014
Topic:If Halloween is supposed to be spooky, some Halloween costumes this year will be terrifying. Some trick-or-treaters will dress as emergency careworkers for people who are sick with Ebola. (Halloween and costumes, Ebola, appropriacy of what people do.)
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Title: Calling "Party Intervention Patrol"
Date:4 October 2014
Topic:A teenager who threw a party with underage drinking and drug use while his parents were away called police to intervene after a rowdy throng broke a neighbor's fence and fights broke out. (Parties and teenagers, organizing a party, vocabulary hunt.)
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Title: Teamwork
Date:14 October 2014
Topic:If you want to witness effective teamwork, you might be as apt to find it among the fishy denizens of a coral reef as in the office where you work. Scientists have found the coral trout recruits moray eels to help hunt for prey, with both ending up well fed. Aquarium experiments showed that the trout are choosy in picking the best eel partner for the job. (Animal behavior, coral trout and moray eels, participles as compound adjectives.)
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Title: Wanderlust
Date:2 October 2014
Topic:For Americans looking to retire abroad, deciding where to live can be a challenge. But Lynne and Tim Martin took that question off the table by deciding to retire everywhere and anywhere. (Retirement and travel, word families.)
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instant workbook
Date: 2 October 2014
Hurricane Gender
Instant Workbook
Listen to people talking about a hurricane, write a letter and complete a quiz about hurricane names.
Skills: Grammar - Third Conditional, Reading Comprehension, Listening
anna grammar
Date: 1 September 2014
Adverbial ClausesView PDF
Adverbial clauses are dependent clauses (they can't stand alone) attached to an independent clause. An adverbial clause gives information about things like when, where, why or how something happened. Try this Anna Grammar Worksheet for more help on the subject.
weekly warmer
Date: 1 October 2014
Silly Story (1)View PDF
This warmer gets learners chatting! This is a good ice-breaker for the presentation of simple past for the narration of a story and the language of shopping.
max vocab
Date: 3 October 2014
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Dining RoomsView PDF
This vocabulary worksheet looks at the dining room or dining. Another student worksheet in our "homes" series.