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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!

World No Tobacco Day is held around the world every year on May 31st!
Feel free to use our "smoking" featured lessons!



Title: Scarecrow Town
Date:10 April 2015
Topic:Tsukimi Ayano made her first scarecrow 13 years ago. The straw scarecrow looked like her father, so she made more. Today, the tiny village of Nagoro is full of her scarecrows in houses, fields, trees, streets and at a bus stop. (Scarecrows, migration, families, apostrophe for possession.)
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Title: Coyotes Moving In
Date:11 May 2015
Topic:Police caught a young female coyote outside a cafe in lower Manhattan, the latest in a series of coyote sightings in New York City. (Coyotes, wild animals living in cities, sharing information.)
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Title: It's A Boy?
Date:4 May 2015
Topic:For extinct creatures like dinosaurs known only from fossils, it is extremely difficult to [tell] the males from the females. But a study may provide a handy guide on telling the boys from the girls. (Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, fossils, reading for information, completing a table, summarizing, active and passive voices, listen and draw game, participles, writing a poem.)
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Instant Workbook
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Title: Children Cut Things Closer
Date:11 May 2015
Topic:Children may cut things closer than their parents realize when it comes to guessing how far cars are from an intersection or how long it takes to safely reach the other side, a small study suggests. (Traffic safety and children.)
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Title: NOPE
Date:1 March 2015
Topic:The desperate cry of a mother finding her 17-year-old son dead from a painkiller and another prescription drug instantly silences hundreds of students who listen to her 911 call. That recording is the gut-punch that anchors a new educational program aimed at combating the rising abuse of prescription opioid abuse among U.S. young adults. (Drug overdoses, teenagers, anti-drug education programs.)
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instant workbook
Date: 13 May 2015
Biological Bad Luck
Instant Workbook
Find out about the latest cancer research. There are four exercises to do. Practise reading comprehension, listening - dictation and grammar - adverbs of reason.
anna grammar
Date: 1 April 2015
Punctuation - Question MarksView PDF
We use a question mark "?" to show that we are asking a question. This worksheet from Anna Grammar gives students punctuation practice using "?s" .
weekly warmer
Date: 23 April 2015
Which Character From A Book Are You?View PDF
This is a warmer for Book Week at your school.
max vocab
Date: 4 May 2015
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - KitchenView PDF
The kitchen is a room where you cook food. This vocabulary worksheet looks at where you can cook and what with.