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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!

Valentine's Day!
14th February - the international day of romance!

Feel free to use our featured lessons!



Title: The World's Best Santa
Date:4 December 2014
Topic:Santas from eight countries like Japan, Sweden, Australia and France competed to find out who was the best Santa. They competed in porridge-eating, sledge racing and other sports. The winner for 2014 is from Japan. (Class vote, discussion, ordering questions, comprehension, true or false.)
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Title: Better Late Than Never
Date:1 January 2015
Topic:An overdue copy of "Gone with the Wind" has been returned to a high school library in Washington state, 65 years past its due date. (Libraries and late returns, borrowing books, scanning, jigsaw reading, role play and dialog, saying sorry.
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Instant Workbook
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Title: Men Give Birth
Date:5 January 2015
Topic:A hospital in eastern China is offering fathers-to-be a chance to experience the pain of childbirth after several new moms complained they got little sympathy from their partners. (Childbirth, expectant fathers, discussion.)
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Title: Biological Bad Luck
Date:7 January 2015
Topic:Plain old bad luck plays a major role in determining who gets cancer and who does not, according to researchers. Another study sees lifestyle during the first 20 years of life is a more important factor than one's origin when defining the risk of cancer. (Lifestyle, genes, true or false, cause and effect language, writing a pamphlet, debating.)
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Title: Self-publishing?
Date:1 December 2014
Topic:For any author frustrated by rejections from publishing houses or wanting to cut out the middle man, there has never been an easier or cheaper time to self-publish. A host of free self-publishing platforms offered by Amazon, Apple and specialists like Smashwords have created new opportunities. (Self-publishing, books, drawing a process diagram.)
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instant workbook
Date: 22 December 2014
Air Rage
Instant Workbook
An argument over leg room and reclining seats forced a Florida-bound flight from New York to divert to a different airport, the third incident of a midair disruption caused by passengers in a week. Find out why air passengers in China are screaming mad as well. There are five exercises to do.
anna grammar
Date: 1 January 2015
Anna Grammar Worksheet - Or and YetView PDF
In this worksheet we look at "or" and "yet" as coordinating conjunctions.
weekly warmer
Date: 21 January 2015
Chinese New YearView PDF
To practice reading for understanding, to practice asking and answering questions, to learn about customs of different cultures.
max vocab
Date: 9 December 2014
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - ChristmasView PDF
An All Levels Max Vocabulary Worksheet all about Christmas. We hope you enjoy it!