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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!

Valentine’s Day is February 14.

Our latest featured lessons are all about love and marriage.



Title: By Any Other Name ...
Date:11 January 2016
Topic:Most people are busy planning their wedding before they get married. But Kaori Oguni was too busy thinking about losing her maiden name. Oguni is suing the Japanese government. Japan has a law that says spouses must have the same surname. (Marriage, law)
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Title: Lost and Found
Date:13 January 2016
Topic:An American violinist left her $2.6 million 1727 Stradivarius violin on a German train and a Boston music student was reunited with the $170,000 violin she forgot in the overhead compartment of a bus. An 89-year-old Canadian widow has inherited a C$130 ($88,000) cash windfall, although the money - left by her late husband in a fire extinguisher canister - was found by a couple in a house she no longer owned. (Money, court cases, law, valuable things.)
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Title: Groundhog Day
Date:4 January 2016
Topic:Punxsutawney Phil, a famed U.S. groundhog with an even more famous shadow, came out of his burrow on Sunday and predicted six more weeks of winter, much to the disappointment of those hoping for an early spring. (Groundhog Day, interview with a woodchuck, first conditional.)
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Title: A Grave Issue ...
Date:17 January 2016
Topic:Amid a housing crisis in Egypt, and with the population of the capital estimated at 20 million, thousands of people count themselves lucky to call Cairo Necropolis home. For some in the neighborhood of cemeteries, final resting place to hundreds of thousands people over centuries, the graves themselves provide a livelihood: with people taking care of tombs, digging new graves, or selling flowers to visitors paying their respects on Fridays. (Housing, Egypt, graveyards.)
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Title: Digital Assistants for Assistance?
Date:10 December 2015
Topic:As the tech giants race to build ever better artificial intelligence platforms, they are obsessing over the nuances of their digital assistants' personalities. For users, digital assistants are a gateway to powerful artificial intelligence tools developers expect to influence major decisions about what to buy and how to spend time. (Business, digital assistants and IT, Artificial intelligence.)
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instant workbook
Date: 8 January 2016
Computer Women
Instant Workbook
By the end of the lesson you will be able to: Scan a news article closely to find details, Read an essay closely to find grammar mistakes, Write an essay giving your opinion, Use vocabulary from the AWL (Academic Word List), Use topic sentences when writing an essay, Describe infographics in an essay
anna grammar
Date: 3 November 2015
Punctuation - Apostrophes and ContractionsView PDF
An apostrophe is used for contractions. We use contractions when we are speaking to make our speaking (and writing) more informal. Try our worksheet.....
weekly warmer
Date: 4 January 2016
Chinese New YearView PDF
To practice reading for understanding, to practice asking and answering questions, to learn about customs of different cultures.
max vocab
Date: 10 December 2015
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - New Year's EveView PDF
An All Levels Max Vocabulary Worksheet that looks at New Year's Eve celebrations.