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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!

featured lessons all look at the present perfect.



Title: Bikesharing: Way To Go!
Date:16 November 2017
Topic:There are orange, yellow and other brightly coloured rental bikes in cities in Asia. The bikes are outside train stations and condo gates. (prepositions of place)
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Title: Roof Farms
Date:1 November 2017
Topic:Farming on the rooftops of Paris has been such a success that the mayor is introducing more projects. By 2020, Paris will have more] than 100 hectares (0.39 square mile) of rooftop gardens and planted walls. (Gardens and cities, benefits of gardening, information exchange: sunflowers.)
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Title: Fence Them Out
Date:1 October 2017
Topic:Wildlife rangers in Australia’s outback have started building a 185 km (115 miles) electrified enclosure to protect native animals from pests such as feral cats, which are threatening some species with extinction. (Conservation, pests, endangered animals.)
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Title: A Lot On Your Plate
Date:16 November 2017
Topic:One in six U.S. parents say their teen has tried a diet that is vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan or paleo at some point in the last two years. “Parents should recognize that this is part of normal adolescent development toward becoming an independent adult; with that in mind, try to avoid seeing the situation as a challenge to parental authority,” a researcher said. (Teenagers, nutrition, diets, celebrations, Thanksgiving, shopping, pair crossword and conditionals.)
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Title: Rapping For The Party
Date:1 November 2017
Topic:In his baseball cap and baggy yellow t-shirt, the rap star Li Yijie - better known by his stage name “Pissy” - is an unlikely face of China’s strait-laced ruling Communist Party. is group, Tianfu Shibian, has won fans and the support of the party’s youth league with songs like “Force of Red” and “This is China” that chime with President Xi Jinping’s nationalist vision of China and its place in the world. (Music, millennials, politics, Communist Party.)
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instant workbook
Date: 12 October 2017
Waste Warriors
Instant Workbook
Read how refugee women and university students are battling the war against New Delhi's growing rubbish problem. You can practise using gerunds and -ing forms. There are 6 exercises for you to do.
anna grammar
Date: 1 November 2017
Anna Grammar Worksheet - GerundsView PDF
Gerunds are words formed with verbs (base verb + -ing) that act as nouns. Practice using them to talk about what you hope to do.
weekly warmer
Date: 12 September 2017
Child BridesView PDF
The hidden economic costs of child marriage: this warmer gets students talking, forming questions and scanning for information.
max vocab
Date: 1 August 2017
"Overfishing"View PDF
An Upper-Intermediate Max Vocabulary Worksheet that looks at words connected the exploitation of fisheries. Students can work with excerpts from three Reuters article about overfishing and conservation.