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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!

Time off time

featured lessons are all about vacations.



Title: Ice Pops for Zoo Animals
Date:14 August 2018
Topic:London Zoo is feeding its animals sugar-free ice pops every day because of the very hot weather. A zoo in Thailand uses sprinklers, pools and shade to help keep animals cool.(Weather, animals and zoos, present perfect simple, talking about the weather, describing a zoo.)
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Title: Shadow Boxer
Date:15 May 2018
Topic:Behind the apartment’s curtain, a tough guy is boxing, throwing left and right hooks and jabs. But a Japanese apartment management company hopes that the image of the boxing man will help protect women living by themselves. (Being alone at home, security systems.)
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Title: Santa's Off Season
Date:1 August 2018
Topic:The World Santa Claus Congress has taken place at the Bakken amusement park near Copenhagen since 1957 and always in the summer which is Santa's off season. (Santas, Christmas, may and may have to.)
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Title: Slow and Steady
Date:3 August 2018
Topic:The race starter stood up and shouted: “Ready, steady, slow!” The crowd cheered, but the competitors remained stuck at the start line. Welcome to the world slowest racing championship? (Gambling, discussion, understanding text organization, question construction, true, false or not given, error recognition, crossword, questionnaire.)
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Title: Plastic Free Shopping
Date:1 June 2018
Topic:“Over the past 15 years clothing production has doubled, while the amount of time we wear those clothes before throwing them away – usually to be landfilled or incinerated – has fallen dramatically,” Souchet told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. (Sustainability, fashion industry, plastic free labels and plastic free packaging.)
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instant workbook
Date: 27 July 2018
Let's All Move To Finland
Instant Workbook
Urban living? Folks are happy in Finland, but is life in the suburbs or the inner city better for you?
anna grammar
Date: 5 July 2018
'Grammar' Words 2 - What do they mean?View PDF
'Grammar' Words 2 looks at these grammar terms and provides examples: active and passive voices, participle, infinitive, regular and irregular verbs.
weekly warmer
Date: 17 August 2018
Move A Word - Coordinating conjunctionsView PDF
This activity focuses on coordinating conjunctions. Students read for meaning and then spot different coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or) and their uses.
max vocab
Date: 29 March 2018
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Outer SpaceView PDF
An Upper-Intermediate Max Vocabulary Worksheet that looks at words connected with the space race. Students can work with excerpts from three Reuters articles.