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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!

Stop Plastic Waste
featured lessons are all about Earth Day 2018 and what people can do for change.



Title: Welcome Back
Date:1 March 2018
Topic:A school told a girl to stay at home because of her pink hair, but now she can go back to school. Parents in Ginza, Tokyo are surprised because their children's school wants designer uniforms for students. (School uniforms, civil rights, hairstyles, using will to make future predictions, designing a school uniform).
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Title: Thinking of You!
Date:1 March 2018
Topic:London police are sending criminals birthday cards with a picture of their local police station. Estonian police are sending Christmas cards to the country's worst drivers. Do this lesson to discover why. (Police, crime, birthday cards, 'present continuous')
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Title: For a Laugh
Date:14 March 2018
Topic:The usual swag of April Fool's Day pranks and jokes. Has the world gone mad? No. It was just another April Fool's Day, the international day of tomfoolery when pranks, hoaxes, and practical jokes remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. (April Fool's Day, tricks and hoaxes, listening for specific information, scanning, reading for meaning, information exchange.)
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Title: Let's All Move To Finland
Date:3 April 2018
Topic:Finland is the world’s happiest country, according to an survey that also found Americans were getting less happy even as their country became richer. (United Nations, Finland, discrimination, discourse markers)
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Title: Designing The Downhill
Date:26 January 2018
Topic:It’s the ninth time he’s designed the Olympic downhill ski course, but Bernhard Russi will still feel his nerves tauten when racing gets under way in South Korea next month. Further playing on his nerves, though, is the knowledge of the extreme risks faced by the men and women trying to conquer the course he has set. (Downhill skiing, Winter Olympics, safety.)
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instant workbook
Date: 1 March 2018
Thinking of You!
Instant Workbook
Unwelcome birthday cards. Police are keeping an eye on their local criminals.
Skills: Listening and grammar - present continuous.
anna grammar
Date: 1 January 2018
Anna Grammar Worksheet - Confusables - Than & ThenView PDF
When should you use 'than' and 'then'? We take a look at these commonly confused words to help you get it right.
weekly warmer
Date: 19 April 2018
My Favorite CityView PDF
This warmer gets students thinking about and discussing cities and travel. A great intro for the Instant Lesson "Let's All Move To Finland".
max vocab
Date: 29 March 2018
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Outer SpaceView PDF
An Upper-Intermediate Max Vocabulary Worksheet that looks at words connected with the space race. Students can work with excerpts from three Reuters articles.