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So ... What's a warmer?

More than 200 short activities designed to stimulate and energize your students. These can be used at the start of the class or as "fillers" or speaking activities.

Submitted by teachers from all around the world and edited for your use, the exercises get classes motivated to learn!


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Here's a 'warmer' about shoes that will get students talking to each other in English. After they have finished they will be warmed up to do the next part of the lesson.


Where were your shoes made?
How did you get them?
What colour/size/shape are they ?
Was there a special reason for getting them?
Where have you been in those shoes?
Ask your students to look at their shoes and think about their history for a minute in silence, then ask them to take a pen and paper and find a partner.

In pairs the students take it in turns to find out as much as possible about the other person's shoes (you may like to have a time limit of 3 minutes each).

While they listen to each other's answers they can take notes.

At the end of the activity each student takes turns to tell the class one interesting thing they found out about their partner's shoes. It really works!

Enter our Weekly Warmer competition and share your favorite warmer with the world. You could win a Gold Subscription to English-to-go.






English-To-Go® offers 3 types of supplementary teaching materials.
Weekly Warmers are excellent as warm up lessons.
Anna Grammar will answer your tricky grammar questions.
Max Vocab explores the meanings behind different words and offers vocabulary worksheets at all levels.

Anna, I've asked other teachers and they can't give me an answer. I was hoping you could help me out. Thank you. Larry, Australia
Dear Anna, I like your section a lot and I really don't have enough time to read everything I would like. Thanks alot and best wishes. Clara, Mexico.
Dear Anna, I think your grammar lessons are great! I am currently teaching English to adults in South Korea. Thank you for your help! Barbara
I want to send you a big thank you. I'm so happy I've found you. The material is just what I need for my lessons. Tina, Germany
Your site is very good. I often surf for ESL material with disappointing results. I'm happy to find useful and practical lessons and activities. Peter, Canada

"Informative and Chatty Offering". "Altogether this is a delightful and very useful little book." "Max Vocab is a delightful and entertaining journey through the origins and development of some of the more interesting words in English, told with humour and insight. From the origin of the word ‘work’ to idioms involving 'trousers’, this is a fun and easily digested volume, with lively illustrations throughout."

Our lessons are based on news articles from all around the world. Our library for teachers has a huge number of "Instant Lessons" - photocopiable lessons based on Reuters news articles from elementary to advanced and across an enormous range of topics. The lessons have pre-reading activities, reading comprehension, writing and grammar exercises and post-reading activities, games, role plays or discussions. Each lesson comes complete with teachers' notes and answer keys. See what others think!

"This is what this site is all about - efficiency with a capital E and the material is second to none. All my students love this and so do I. Keep up the very good work."
Leslie John Short, Bangkok, Thailand
I am working in a company in Mexico City. At present I have 4 groups - 2 basic levels, 1 intermediate and 1 advanced level. I really love your instant lessons; they have given me many ideas. Thanks a million.
Phyllis Moses, Mexico
I just wanted to add my thanks to the English To Go Team for creating such consistently great lessons. This is truly a wonderful resource for us busy teachers.
Sonya Crow Leeds, UK
For an English teacher in a country with few pedagogical materials and where English is a foreign language, this is the best site I have ever seen. Thank you.
Helena Morais Praia, Cape Verde