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Teachers' Room > Lesson Library > My Lessons

This is where you can create your own library of lessons. Create new folders for lessons by clicking on "add lesson folder". Enter the name and description of the folder, and click "add". Click on "Back to Favorites Lessons" to go back to your Lesson Folder. The '+' and '-' buttons will open and close your folders, which can be deleted at any time.

To add to your My Lessons folders, click on the title of the HTML lesson so that it opens on the screen. In the top left corner click on the link "Add to My Lessons". Choose the folder you want to save it in and add any notes you may have. Click on the '+' button to save. Your My Lessons folder will now be updated. Note: You must preview chosen lessons in the HTML format in order to add them to the My Lessons folder. However, when you open the My Lessons folder you will see and be able to open both the HTML and PDF version of the lesson along with any attached Instant Workbook.

Add new folders and maintain your lists of lessons using the links below:

For information on using my lessons, visit the help desk.