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Love Your Pet Day...

It's Raining Cats and Tourists...  View PDF

Wanted: Cat chief. Location: Zelenogradsk, Russia: Duties: Tending to the town's approximately 70 stray cats. An army of feral cats rules a remote island in southern Japan. There are six cats for every person in the village. (Cats, collective nouns.)

An Eel Pet 1130: :An%20Eel%20Pet  View PDF end: :tag
A German family has kept an eel in its bathtub for the last 33 years and even trained it to swim into a bucket when someone needs to wash. (Pets, eels, discussion, predicting, main idea, sequencing, reading for detail, present perfect, simple past and simple present tenses, gap fill, pair crossword, information exchange.)

Lost Animals  View PDF
This is about runaway animals - rabbits and a kangaroo hopping around a London suburb and a German motorway. (Kangaroos, rabbits, animals, escapes London, present perfect simple, nouns or verbs)
Slow and Steady  View PDF
The race starter stood up and shouted: “Ready, steady, slow!” The crowd cheered, but the competitors remained stuck at the start line. Welcome to the world slowest racing championship? (Gambling, discussion, understanding text organization, question construction, true, false or not given, error recognition, crossword, questionnaire.)
Working Dogs  View PDF
Many California tech companies are encouraging employees to bring their dogs to the office, saying their presence can boost productivity, relieve stress and improve the work environment.
Animal Chatter
Max talks about the words we use to describe the noises animals make.
A Day in the Life of a .....! 1913: :A%20Day%20in%20the%20Life%20of%20a%20%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%21  View PDF end: :tag
Reuters interviewed the Duck Master at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock. The Duck Master is in charge of the hotel's flock of ducks. This tradition began in 1940. The Duck Master talks about his day. (Jobs, animals, hotels, third person singular verbs, time, answering and asking questions.)