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Tragically, there's been another Ebola outbreak. Our lessons look at dieases their spread and some cures.

Ebola  View PDF

The persistence of Congo's Ebola outbreak and its deadly spread to Uganda show how societal issues are as crucial as scientific advances in controlling disease outbreaks. (Health, diseases, preventing the spread of disease, present perfect simple and present perfect continuous.)

Epidemic Fear  View PDF

Staff with the World Health Organisation battling an Ebola outbreak in West Africa say fear and mistrust is driving dozens of victims to evade treatment, frustrating doctors trying to contain the epidemic. (Ebola, deadly illnesses and West Africa.)

Find Your Other Half - All About Influenza  View PDF

This warmer is an enjoyable way for students to find out about the flu.

Medical Max  View PDF
An Upper-Intermediate Max Vocabulary Worksheet that looks at words connected with medicine. Students can work with excerpts from three Reuters articles.

Allergies  View PDF

Do pets in fact help kids to overcome allergies? Exposing babies to puppies might help them accumulate bacteria in their gut that are associated with a lower risk of allergies and obesity (Health, pets, asthma, allergies)

Antibiotic Misuse  View PDF

If drug-resistant infections in people and animals are allowed to spread unchecked, some 28 million people will fall into poverty by 2050, and a century of progress in health will be reversed. (Overuse of antibiotics, farming, drugs, World Bank.)

Antibacterial? 621: :Antibacterial%3F end: :tag
"Right now, the antibacterial obsession of the public is providing us with products that kill off beneficial microorganisms - but leave some deadly bacteria in their wake." (Health, business, allergies, the passive.)

Germs Everywhere! 1723: :Germs%20Everywhere%21  View PDF end: :tag
A study indicates people in the north of Britain are three times as likely to have dirty hands than their compatriots in the south while other articles look at sterilizing a sponge and keeping a bathroom and kitchen clean. (Cleanliness, health and hygiene, imperatives and instructions.)


Nasty Parasites 1946: :Nasty%20Parasites  View PDF end: :tag
Parasites look set to become more virulent because of climate change, according to a study showing that frogs suffer more infections from a fungus when exposed to unexpected swings in temperatures. (Parasites, climate change, frogs, reported quesitons.)