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It's all about keeping your furry friends happy ...

Working Dogs  View PDF
Many California tech companies are encouraging employees to bring their dogs to the office, saying their presence can boost productivity, relieve stress and improve the work environment.

More Bark Than Bite  View PDF
Dogs are probably much cleverer than most people think, according to a new study. Scientists are convinced that dogs can count and researchers at the University of California Davis say they try to convey different messages through the pitch and pace of their barks. (Intelligent animals, dogs, true or false, scanning, fill the gaps, error recognition, guessing by context, comparative and superlative adjectives.)
Next Stop Please... 767: :Next%20Stop%20Please%2E%2E%2E  View PDF end: :tag
A dog has taken the bus without her owner to a dog park. People can take dogs on buses in Seattle but Eclipse goes on buses without her owner to a dog park. A Hong Kong toddler who just loves watching buses got the ride of his life after sneaking onto a double-decker which took him on a trip half way across town. (Transport pets, past continuous, past simple, adverbs of manner.)
If I were... a dog?!
This is an entertaining way to practice the second conditional and takes little preparation.