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It's back to work, so we look at how to dress in the office workplace, for some.

The Business of First Impressions 1168: :The%20Business%20of%20First%20Impressions  View PDF end: :tag
You have 10 seconds; no more than 90. That's how long it takes to form a first impression, which for business travelers can ultimately sink or seal a deal. (Business etiquette, preparing for a meeting, making a good first impression, understanding the headline, finding ideas, business crossword, thinking carefully, writing an e-mail, ordering text game, conditionals and even.)

High Heels At Work  View PDF
Yumi Ishikawa, a part-time receptionist in Japan, has more than 20,000 signatures after she tweeted a #Ku-Too petition ('kutsu' - shoes and 'kutsuu' - pain) about having to wear high heels at work. A London temporary worker got more than 120,000 signatures in a petition in one week asking Britain to say companies can't make women wear high heels at work. (Gender equality, work, shoes.)

Best Foot Forward 1565: :Best%20Foot%20Forward  View PDF end: :tag
With more women wearing flip-flops to the office this summer, U.S. style gurus are warning that the casual shoe once mainly seen on the beach could be damaging to careers - as well as to feet. (Fashion and clothes, business, first impressions, reading for specific information, finding information, finding the errors, giving advice, definite and indefinite articles.)

Dress For Success 711: :Dress%20For%20Success  View PDF end: :tag
Want that promotion? What you wear may be just as important as what, and who, you know to getting up the career ladder and serious formal business wear is the key in job interviews. (Business promotions and job interviews, business dress, case study discussion, reading memos, verb patterns, saying what you are going to do, giving instructions game.)

Casual Clothes - Max Vocabulary Worksheet  View PDF
Clothes that we wear in our free time when we want to be comfortable are casual clothes. An All Levels Vocabulary Worksheet with fun exercises.

Describing Clothes 479: :Describing%20Clothes end: :tag
This can be used to encourage fluency in describing clothing and colors and/or as an introduction to a lesson on descriptions.