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The time for a bit of romance is back again. Valentine's Day is February 14th.

Falling in Love  View PDF
This warmer gets students to read and look for spelling errors as well as understand the history behind Valentine's Day, discuss a topic and then work together to design a card.

International Valentines  View PDF
Chinese Valentine's Day, origins of Valentine's Day, Seven Sisters Festival, different customs in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, true and false, verb patterns with verbs, want and hope) Valentine crossword.
List and Listen
This warmer is a fun and competitive way to review vocabulary. It also encourages students to think 'outside the box.'
Romance Hits End of the Line  View PDF
A modern-day love story of a man spotting the girl of his dreams across a New York subway train and tracking her down over the Internet has failed to have a fairytale ending with the relationship over. (Bizarre stories, romance, communication, expressions of quantity: how much/how many/ few, little, very few and very little, fairy tales.)
Wedding Dress Record 91: :Wedding%20Dress%20Record  View PDF end: :tag
A Chinese bride is hoping to enter the record books after getting married in a wedding dress with a train more than 2 km (1.2 miles). (Longest wedding dress in the world, wedding customs, discussion, role play, superlative adjectives, adjective order, romantic poems.)