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March 20th - The UN Interantional Day Of Happiness
Let's get smiling .....

Time for some good cheer  View PDF
Japanese cheerleaders danced and cheered on commuters outside a Tokyo rail station in a bid to lift spirits with the capital heading into another state of emergency over COVID-19.

Happiness is...  View PDF
People believe you are happiest when you are younger although studies show this isn't the case and marriage brings as much happiness as an additional $100,000. (Marriage and money, USA, Britain, income, adjectives, comparative and superlative adjectives.)

Let's All Move To Finland 151: :Let%27s%20All%20Move%20To%20Finland  View PDF end: :tag
Finland is the world’s happiest country, according to an survey that also found Americans were getting less happy even as their country became richer. (United Nations, discrimination, discourse markers)
Running over with Happiness 1496: :Running%20over%20with%20Happiness  View PDF end: :tag
Dean Karnazes loves running - he often runs all night. R. Laurence Macon sometimes runs 7 marathons a week. He runs while he works. (Free time, introductions, making questions, comprehension, present simple, be.)
The Secret Billionaire Giveaway  View PDF
He wears a $15 watch, flies economy class and does not own a house or car. For years few guessed that Chuck Feeney was one of the world's biggest philanthropists, secretly giving away his fortune. (Philanthropy, lifestyles, discussion, note-taking, sharing information)
Warning: Money 135: :Warning%3A%20Money end: :tag
Do you think that having lots of money can make you become a nicer person? See what Americans think! Can it make you happy? A British survey seems to think so! (Surveys, wealth, modal verbs 'can' & 'can't')
I Quit!  View PDF
Are you thinking about quitting your job? Are you worried about how to quit? A new app tells your boss for you. (do you want to...?)
Divorce Research 994: :Divorce%20Research  View PDF end: :tag
Unhappily married couples often get lots of advice and a new report offers more: don't divorce, stick it out. (Pedicting, reading and listening gap fills, a lot of / lots of / plenty of / much / many / few / little, making a speech, word find puzzle.)
Changing Careers  View PDF
Boardroom lunches and presentations to high-flying British executives were routine as a management consultant. Now lunch is spent supervising school dinners and he gives presentations to students. (Job satisfaction, interview, complete a table, making comparisons)