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April 22nd is Earth Day
Have you got a plan?

Trees For Life 1296: :Trees%20For%20Life  View PDF end: :tag
People in cities live longer if they are in leafy neighborhoods. Nieuwenhuijsen says leafy areas help people's mental health, reduce stress, cut pollution and encourage people to do more physical activity. (Trees and urban areas, mental health, longevity of life, present perfect simple.)

Roof Farms 2175: :Roof%20Farms  View PDF end: :tag
Farming on the rooftops of Paris has been such a success that the mayor is introducing more projects. By 2020, Paris will have more] than 100 hectares (0.39 square mile) of rooftop gardens and planted walls. (Gardens and cities, benefits of gardening, information exchange: sunflowers.)
Fence Them Out  View PDF
Wildlife rangers in Australia’s outback have started building a 185 km (115 miles) electrified enclosure to protect native animals from pests such as feral cats, which are threatening some species with extinction. (Conservation, pests, endangered animals.)
Is Ecotourism Too Popular?  View PDF
Ecotourism is taking its toll on wildlife and may be endangering the survival of the very animals people are flocking to see, according to researchers. (Ecotourism and its impact on wildlife, animal quiz, talking about animals, predicting, completing a table, check your understanding, true, false or not given, the present continuous, jigsaw reading, crossword.)
The Great Green Wall  View PDF
The Sahel area, straddling 27 countries, has now been mapped in detail showing where and how to create Africa’s Great Green Wall. Some 166 million hectares of land have been identified for restoration - nearly three times the size of Kenya or France. The Great Green Wall project was launched by the African Union to combat desertification. (Great Great Wall, Sahara, Africa, FAO, reversing desertification, sustainability.)