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Vacation, vacation - summer holidays (in the northern hempishere) or winter holidays (down under).

Travel Plans  View PDF
When Robert Reid last visited London he stayed in an apartment he found on a "couch-surfing" site. "The people were super and it gave me a great outlook on London and I appreciate the city more than I did before." People visiting cities in particular are now choosing to stay in residential apartments and live like locals. (Role play, skimmimg, scanning, intensive reading, discussion)

Holiday Blues 568: :Holiday%20Blues  View PDF end: :tag
A survey by TripAdvisor, a travel website, found 34% of Americans felt depressed after they came home after a summer vacation. They said they didn't want to go back to work. 64% said they felt depressed while they were on vacation. The survey found the best way to stop depression is to start planning the next holiday. Another article looks at meetings: Are they a waste of time? (Vacations and work, understanding statistical information.)
Conversation: Vacation plans 1635: :Conversation%3A%20Vacation%20plans  View PDF end: :tag
This warmer looks at some language used to describe a vacation at the beach and provides some examples of the past continuous tense and saying sorry when you do not do something.
Fantasy Vacation
A warmer to encourage spoken and written fluency. This exercise practices using 'would like to...' to speak about a hypothetical future. Also it gives practice in the use of the simple past to describe a holiday.
Memories ....  View PDF
Tiny memory cards and fluffy teddy bears are among the most popular items for North Koreans shopping in Dandong, China's gateway city to its neighbor. (North Korea, souvenirs, television shows, influence of media.)
A Holiday Fix?  View PDF
A dentist's office may not be everyone's idea of a perfect holiday destination. But a growing number of Europeans are traveling abroad for medical treatment to save money, or maybe to combine a visit to the doctor with some sightseeing. "It was simply cheaper for me to go to a dentist in Hungary," said a 42-year-old physical therapist from Berlin. (Medical tourism, health, tourism, debating.)
Family Holidays  View PDF
The family vacation has changed from the days when kids in the back of the station wagon pestered their parents in front with the unending refrain, "Are we there yet?". Experts say these days the family vacation often has three generations, and when it comes to [saying what to do], it's the kids in the driver's seat and the grandparents who pay. (Families, vacations, travel, brainstorming.)
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Holiday words  View PDF
Going on a summer holiday!
Spooky Hotels  View PDF
This warmer gets students scanning for information about haunted hotels, completing a table about them and using persuasive language to encourage other students to like their hotels.