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Mother's Day: Time to say, "Thank you" to the mothers in our lives.

Mom Salary  View PDF
Many U.S. mothers feel like single parents, whether they are married or not, and two out of three resent handling all the household chores even when they prefer their partners to stand aside, a new survey shows. (Mothers, jobs, occupations, stress, income, subordinate conjunctions, linkers)

Need A Granny?  View PDF
Do you need a granny's love and help? A unit caring for the elderly is helping elderly people find new families. Families who need a grandparent can hire a grandmother or grandfather. (Families, the elderly, discussion, matching sentence beginnings and endings.)
Family of Ducks  View PDF
Two duck stories. Tina Chen is very busy. She is mother for 16 ducklings in her 12th floor apartment. When a family of ducklings fell down a Vancouver sewer grate their mother asked a police officer for help. (Amazing true stories, ordering events, questions, headlines, using 'so' and 'because'.)
Mothers and Daughters 1430: :Mothers%20and%20Daughters  View PDF end: :tag
Mothers exasperated by petty arguments with their teenage daughters should take heart from new research showing that arguing may actually be good for relationships with moody offspring. Research shows that arguments are often used by teens as a communication tool. (Mother - daughter relationships, writing questions, understanding the main idea, reading for specific information, understanding new vocabulary, finding key information, should / have to / don't have to, information exchange game.)
Family Words Bingo 1678: :Family%20Words%20Bingo  View PDF end: :tag
This warmer brings excitement into vocabulary review and can be used for all levels.
First Lady  View PDF
What does it take to be first lady of the United States and what do you need to be and do as partner of a world leader? A bio of the new American first lady and views from Cherie Blair, wife of a former British Prime Minister, on being the wife of a world leader. (Politics, women, first ladies, relative clauses.)
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Family Words  View PDF
Talking about families, relations and how we refer to them.