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Halloween is nearly upon us.
Hope our spooky resources don't freak you out too much!

Just Don't Go There  View PDF
Canadian children can go trick-or-treating on Halloween despite COVID-19, as long as they practice physical distancing, wear masks and wash their hands. Halloween is supposed to be spooky, but some Halloween costumes were terrifying. Some trick-or-treaters dressed as emergency careworkers for people who are sick. (Halloween and costumes, Coronavirus, appropriacy of what people do.)

Halloween Treats at London Zoo  View PDF
Halloween comes early at London Zoo as its giraffes, squirrel monkeys and gorillas enjoyed some special treats in carved-out pumpkins. Keepers at the London park got into the spooky spirit by preparing fiendish surprises for the animals. (Halloween, festivals, vocabulary, T, F & creating an advertisement.)
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Halloween Words  View PDF
Some Halloween vocabulary for low-level students using 2 articles describing Halloween.
Ghostly Stories
This warmer encourages spoken fluency through storytelling. A great introduction to a lesson about Halloween, ghosts or paranormal activity.
Spooky Hotels  View PDF
This warmer gets students scanning for information about haunted hotels, completing a table about them and using persuasive language to encourage other students to like their hotels.
The Origins of Halloween  View PDF
This warmer could be used with a Halloween lesson or a lesson about festivals or rituals.
True and False - Halloween Trivia  View PDF
This warmer about Halloween encourages discussion.
Fancy Pooch  View PDF
Super Alsatian? Elvis the poodle? Dog owners are dressing up their dogs for costume parties. (Fancy dress, shopping habits, dogs, will for future facts and deciding something at the moment of speaking.)