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Giving cats a chance ....

It's Raining Cats and Tourists...  View PDF

An army of feral cats rules a remote island in southern Japan. There are six cats for every person in the village. (Cats, cat control, collective nouns.)

Psychic Cat  View PDF
Like many soccer fans trying to predict the results of the World Cup, Achilles the cat is busy studying the teams heading to Russia this month for the sport’s biggest global showdown. But he has one advantage: cat sense. (FIFA World Cup, Soccer, psychics, animals.)

Stowaway Cat 788: :Stowaway%20Cat%20  View PDF end: :tag
This is about an international rescue mission to rescue a New Zealand cat that stowed away on a ship to South Korea. (Ships, ports, rescue, stowaway, quarantine, phone call, use of "tried to... but... too...".)
Petsercise  View PDF
The world's biggest food group Nestle has launched an online program inviting pet owners to team up with their furry friends to lose weight and an dog food advertisement especially produced for dogs, not their owners. (Business, obesity, pet owners, pet food, cats and dogs, "to" for purpose, proper nouns, role play and advertisements.)
Cat Saves Family  View PDF
A cat saved its family by raising the alarm after it started a fire, German police said. (True animal stories, understanding a headline, reading for overall understanding, putting pictures in the correct order using a text, vocabulary: animal sounds, continuing a story, memory recall and listening, word find puzzle, role play.)
Pampered Pets  View PDF
The British, long ridiculed for pampering their pets, can now indulge their cats with a costly kidney transplant. Vets estimate the cost in Britain at between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds ($12,600 and $15,800). (Pets, cats, dogs, transplants, luxury holidays, discussion, understanding the headline, skim reading, true or false, punctuation, parts of speech, debate.)
Lucky Pets 1877: :Lucky%20Pets  View PDF end: :tag
Americans may be trying to spend less money, but when it comes to their pets, they're spending more than ever. Between trips to the vet, specialty foods, treats and toys, pet insurance and even parties, Americans are happy to open up their wallets to keep Rex, Rover or even the house lizard healthy and happy. (Pets, costs, economy, benefits of having a pet.)