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Thanksgiving is late this year ... but better late than never.

Find Your Other Half - Thanksgiving  View PDF
This warmer is an enjoyable way for students to find out about Thanksgiving in North America.

Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Thanksgiving  View PDF
Thanksgiving is on the second Monday of October in Canada and the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. It is held in the fall / autumn every year to give thanks for the harvest (people collect vegetables, fruit that they have grown at the end of the growing season).
These Music Lovers Are Turkeys  View PDF
Britain's farming union has released a chill-out album of different sounds to help turkeys keep calm in the understandably stressful run-up to being eaten. (Farming, animals, meat, scanning, true or false, working out unfamiliar words, summarizing, Farm Animal Sounds Game, Completing a Picture game, zero conditional, discussion.)
Turkeys Galore 728: :Turkeys%20Galore  View PDF end: :tag
Each Thanksgiving, Americans eat about 535 million pounds of turkey, and a turkey-cooking hotline gives advice to people with problems a trucker who needed to know how long to cook a turkey on the engine of his truck, and a Kentucky woman who panicked when her tiny chihuahua jumped inside a turkey carcass and couldn't get out. (Thanksgiving, holidays and festivals, synonyms, apostrophes, use of 'although' and 'even though'.)
Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate
A Lot On Your Plate  View PDF
One in six U.S. parents say their teen has tried a diet that is vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan or paleo at some point in the last two years. “Parents should recognize that this is part of normal adolescent development toward becoming an independent adult; with that in mind, try to avoid seeing the situation as a challenge to parental authority,” a researcher said. (Teenagers, nutrition, diets, celebrations, Thanksgiving, shopping, pair crossword and conditionals.)