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Christmas is on the way ... but Santa might have to stay a little further away this year.

Dreaming of a Green Christmas  View PDF
Families should wrap their Christmas presents in recyclable brown paper and make their own Christmas crackers using old toilet rolls this year to help ensure a more sustainable festive season, a leading waste company said. (Gift giving, predicting from the headline, guessing meanings from context, scanning, true or false, jigsaw reading game, present perfect simple and present simple.)

Socially-distanced Santa  View PDF
Coronavirus is changing the face of end-of-year children’s festivities in the Netherlands, with drive-ins being used to give kids a socially distanced meeting with St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas) and his helpers.
Santa School 1331: :Santa%20School  View PDF end: :tag
A school for Santas has opened in Japan, a country with little Christian tradition and a Christmas that is more about shopping than religion. (Santa, finding the main idea, gap fill, true or false, mixed sentences, sequencing, complete the picture.)
Work Dos  View PDF
Almost a third of British office workers actively hate the annual office Christmas party, new research has suggested. The poll of 1,000 British office workers suggested that the biggest problem with the office Christmas bash was that it forces them to socialize with people that they have nothing in common with other than work. (Office social functions, brainstorming and problem solving, writing memos.)
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Christmas  View PDF
An All Levels Max Vocabulary Worksheet all about Christmas. We hope you enjoy it!
Don't Kiss Santa  View PDF
"Please don't kiss children or shake their hands." This is what a government website is telling Santa Claus. Santa Claus should try not to kiss children and shake their hands so he does not spread the flu. In Hungary Santa Claus comes on December 6 when children find gifts in shoes which they have put on window sills the night before. (Health and hygiene, H1N1 virus, flu, Santa Claus and festivals.)
Christmas in different countries  View PDF
To practice reading for understanding, asking and answering questions and to learn about the Christmas customs of different countries.
Famous Cities - Bethlehem  View PDF
This warmer gets students scanning for information about a travel destination, completing a table about it and then sharing information in small groups.