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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!


Our featured lessons are all about being grateful for the harvest and sharing with family and friends.



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Title: Pigs Might Fly
Date:26 November 2019
Topic:LiLou the therapy pig helps air travelers. LiLou is a 5-year-old pig. (Airports, therapy, role play, prepositions in, around, to)
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Title: Trees For Life
Date:2 December 2019
Topic:Blurb People in cities live longer if they are in leafy neighborhoods. Nieuwenhuijsen says leafy areas help people's mental health, reduce stress, cut pollution and encourage people to do more physical activity. (Trees and urban areas, mental health, longevity of life, present perfect simple.)
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Instant Workbook
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Title: Wrestling Sexism
Date:11 November 2019
Topic:They're taking on yet another bastion of male privilege: the sumo ring. "Little Miss Sumo". is a documentary tracking attempts to take on sporting inequality in Japan... (Sumo wrestling, women's rights, Japan, sport, sports terms)
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Title: You Cannot Have My Food And Not Have Me
Date:9 October 2019
Topic:When Asma Khan first arrived in Britain from India in 1991, the racism was so bad she had to learn to cycle fast to avoid being hit by the bottles lobbed at her. Now, the award-winning chef is using her success in London - where her restaurant has a celebrity clientèle and a month's-long waiting list - to help other immigrant women overcome the twin barriers of racism and sexism. (Cooking, chefs, migration, racism, non-defining relative clauses.)
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Title: Cloud Cropping
Date:14 November 2019
Topic:At the top of a three-story building in Hong Kong, with car horns blasting on the streets below, Jim Fung teaches a dozen students how to thin out choi sum vegetables. Fung was coaching the first cohort of students in an academy run by social enterprise Rooftop Republic to teach a new generation of urban farmers as demand for their skills soars.
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instant workbook
Date: 19 February 2019
Get Smashing
Instant Workbook
Feeling stressed out? Find out how some people around the world are dealing with their anger. There are 6 exercises for you to do.
anna grammar
Date: 5 September 2019
Anna Grammar - Multi-word Verbs - SeparableView PDF
Multi-word verbs can be separable (the verb and particle can be separated by other words) or inseparable (the verb and particle must stay together). This worksheet helps you practice phrasal verb.
weekly warmer
Date: 22 October 2019
Find Your Other Half - Weird TrashView PDF
What's washing up in your neighborhood? This warmer is an enjoyable way for students to learn about a growing concern - the scale of waste and the shape it can take.
max vocab
Date: 30 March 2019
??What's The Weather Like??View PDF
This vocabulary worksheet looks at ways to describe the weather and weather forecasts.