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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!

Chocolate ...

Our featured lessons this week are sweet.



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Title: A Lifesaver
Date:17 February 2020
Topic:An Indian schoolgirl was very brave. In 2019 11-year-old Carolyn Malsawmtluangi helped a little girl escape from a trafficker. (Human trafficking, being brave.)
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Title: Pooch Podcasts
Date:12 February 2020
Topic:Spotify has made playlists and a podcast for dogs to listen to in their owners’ absence. (Scanning, matching details, true or false, choosing a headline)
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Title: Groundhog Day
Date:17 February 2020
Topic:Punxsutawney Phil, a famed U.S. groundhog with an even more famous shadow, came out of his burrow on Sunday and predicted an early North American spring. (Groundhog Day, interview with a woodchuck, first conditional.)
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Title: Virus Control
Date:10 March 2020
Topic:A day after Jeanhee Kim learned of a coronavirus case in her Singapore apartment block, she was visited by a distinguished-looking man she later learned was a senior government minister. (Dealing with an epidemic, COVID - 19, Singapore, staying healthy, quarantine.
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Title: Cloud Cropping
Date:14 November 2019
Topic:At the top of a three-story building in Hong Kong, with car horns blasting on the streets below, Jim Fung teaches a dozen students how to thin out choi sum vegetables. Fung was coaching the first cohort of students in an academy run by social enterprise Rooftop Republic to teach a new generation of urban farmers as demand for their skills soars.
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instant workbook
Date: 19 February 2019
Get Smashing
Instant Workbook
Feeling stressed out? Find out how some people around the world are dealing with their anger. There are 6 exercises for you to do.
anna grammar
Date: 2 March 2020
Each and Every Grammar WorksheetView PDF
An all levels grammar worksheet from Anna Grammar looking at those confusables Each and Every.
weekly warmer
Date: 3 February 2020
All You Ever Wanted To Know About: The OscarsView PDF
A short activity to practice reading for understanding, asking and answering questions and to learn about the Oscars.
max vocab
Date: 30 March 2019
??What's The Weather Like??View PDF
This vocabulary worksheet looks at ways to describe the weather and weather forecasts.