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Welcome to the Teachers' Room!

We don't like to bug you, but this month our featured lessons are all about bees, bugs, spiders, bites, parasites & more....



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Title: Spiderman Lives
Date:4 February 2019
Topic:Alain Robert scales the world's tallest skyscrapers without a harness - for fun! (Strange hobbies, dangerous activities, superlatives, sentence reconstruction.)
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Title: Robots
Date:12 March 2019
Topic:The robots at the Enjoy Budapest Cafe can do it all - they can serve up food and drink, tell jokes, dance with the kids or just hang out. There are 20 different robot models at Tokyo’s Shin-tomi nursing home "making life more fun". (Robots, nurses, health, technology, 'will', 'by + verb + ing' used to say how something is done.)
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Title: Keep On Moving
Date:21 February 2019
Topic:Using a wheelchair in war-torn Yemen is not easy. To get to work each day, 26-year-old Yaarub Eissa rolls over dusty, bumpy roads and up and down steps. He then lifts himself onto the back of a passing motorbike and hooks his folded chair on the back. (Yemen, conflict, future dreams, disability, writing a message, identifying and using present perfect simple, present simple and past simple verb forms)
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Title: Clean Up
Date:4 March 2019
Topic:People around the world are working to clean up rivers and collect tonnes of old plastic bags, bottles and other rubbish. (The environment, recycling, diapers, nappies, essay writing, writing a letter of complaint, verb plus the infinitive or the '-ing' form.)
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Instant Workbook
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Title: Freedom!
Date:12 December 2018
Topic:Surviving sex trafficking, battling drug and alcohol addiction, struggling to get asylum in Britain: not the usual conversation topics one would expect from students at an adult college. This is not your average class, but a unique course which offers free education to survivors of modern slavery. (Education and survivors of modern slavery, Britain, trafficking, collocation, talking about your first day at high school.)
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instant workbook
Date: 19 February 2019
Get Smashing
Instant Workbook
Feeling stressed out? Find out how some people around the world are dealing with their anger. There are 6 exercises for you to do.
anna grammar
Date: 4 March 2019
Anna Grammar Worksheet - Modals - Could haveView PDF
Could can be used with "have" + past participle to talk about things that were possible in the past - things we didn't do. This worksheet gives practice using this form.
weekly warmer
Date: 3 March 2019
I used to be...
This warmer encourages students to use 'used to...' to describe past habits and states.
max vocab
Date: 1 January 2019
An Intermediate Vocabulary Worksheet - WeddingsView PDF
A look at some words to describe some people at a wedding.