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Fast Food
France's agriculture minister said on Friday he was battling to stop fast food from spreading all over the world. (Fast food, cultural imperialism, adjectives.)
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A Standard Christmas
Now you have to be the right shape to be Santa and even a tree!!!(Santa, Christmas trees, jobs, agreements, singular and plural nouns)
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All About Eating Bread
This is about how much bread is eaten in Europe. The average German ate 84.8 kilos of bread in 1999, keeping the country firmly at the top of the European Union consumption chart. Who do you think came last? (Question forms, Diet, Europe, statistics and graphs, food)
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A New Fish
Environmentalists are worried about "Frankenstein Foods" or genetically modified food which could upset the delicate balance of nature. Find out about a fish which can grow 10 times faster than normal. (GM foods, fast-growing fish, consumer issues, ensure vs assure or insure.)
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Reading is Good for You
If you want to eat less fat, then read the labels on food packages. (Surveys, consumer habits, food labels, health, diet)
Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate
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GM Food - Needed
An official from Nigeria says that African nations need access to genetically modified crops to boost food production, not lectures from "misguided" groups in more developed countries about the possible perils of the new generation of seeds: "To deny desperate, hungry people the means to control their futures by presuming to know what is best for them is not only paternalistic, but morally wrong." (Food shortages, Africa)
Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate
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