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Not Music To My Ears
An Australian shopping center has found a novel way to deter teenage loiterers -- playing loud Bing Crosby music. (Teenagers, Bing Crosby, music, Australian slang)
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I Refuse To Do This Lesson
Hundreds of Romanian schoolchildren walked out of classes because they didn't like maths. (High school subjects, education, student action, strikes)
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Highland Decision
It has all the ingredients for a Hollywood hit: money, animosity, a craggy clan chief and a cabal of conservationists out to save the Scottish highlands. What is it? (Conservation, traditional rights, mountains, Scotland)
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Football - Union or Association?
What's it to be, Rugby or soccer? Read this argumentative article and you be the judge. (Britain, history)
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Feeling Forgetful ?
Flunk an exam? Forget important facts during an interview? A new study gives the perfect excuse - stress impairs memory and learning. That's a relief. (Research, stress, memory, brain)
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Eating Out: GM Foods
Top British chefs will protest in "Chefs against GM Foods" campaign which is also backed by the Greenpeace environmental group. (Genetically Modified Food, health, technology)
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Arctic Adventures
If you yawn at the thought of a Mediterranean cruise and couldn't care less about Caribbean beaches, how about climbing a frozen waterfall or helping to skin a seal? Arctic tourist adventures. (Nunavut, tourism, the Arctic)
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Possible Bioweapon
This lesson is about Australian scientists who inadvertently created a killer mouse virus, and the problems of trying to control the spread of biological weapons. (Virus, scientific mistakes, bioweapons)
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Academy Rewards
Academy Award organizers have come up with a novel idea for avoiding those boring Oscar acceptance speeches filled with "thank yous." Their solution: have the winners give two speeches--a short one and a long one. (Academy Awards, speeches.)
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GM Food - Needed
An official from Nigeria says that African nations need access to genetically modified crops to boost food production, not lectures from "misguided" groups in more developed countries about the possible perils of the new generation of seeds: "To deny desperate, hungry people the means to control their futures by presuming to know what is best for them is not only paternalistic, but morally wrong." (Food shortages, Africa)
Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate
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East or West
An article about how men's supposed "superior" sense of direction now has some biological evidence to back it up, according to a study that compared male and female brain activity during a navigation activity. Personally, I don't believe it but then I guess I am biased. (Men and Women, brain)
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New Words Old Words
Words and phrases: Bart Simpson's catch phrase "Eat my shorts?", now nestles alongside some of William Shakespeare's immaculately turned lines in the revised Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. This also gives some amazing origins of words. (history of words, modern catch phrases, idioms)
Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
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Tongue Piercing
Tongue piercing increases your chances of chipping a tooth, and could lead to nasty -- even life-threatening -- infections. (Health, fashion, piercing)
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Fair and Fit
Researchers have figured out how fairness may fit into the Darwinian concept of evolution. (Research, evolution, fair play, health)
Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
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The Birthplace of the Beatles
This is about that group who have released a new collection of their number one hits called "1"! (The Beatles, road signs, music)
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The Best!
This lesson has two news stories. One about how a Mexican great-great grandmother and athlete, who holds numerous gold medals for long distance running, celebrated her 90th birthday, vowing to break more records. The other article is about where the hottest chili on earth is grown! (Old athlete, chili)
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