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A Burglar's Finger
Police who were investigating a burglary in southeast Spain found more than just fingerprints to help them. (Crime, Spain, fingerprints, the use of articles)
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A 5-year-old Bungee Jumper
This article is about a man in France who has been stopped from getting his 5-year-old son into the record books as the youngest ever bungee jumper. (Parents' rights, children, dangerous activities, world records, sports, past simple and present perfect)
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A survey says many British shoppers buy ready-made food and say it is their cooking. Another survey found that nearly half of men spent less than half an hour a week in the kitchen. (Cooking, eating, men and women, pronouns.)
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An Expensive Piece of Paper
A woman in New York found a painting among some garbage bags worth around $1 million and a sheet of pinkish paper the size of a postcard was expected to be sold for more than 3-1/2 million pounds at an auction. (Paintings, art, Leonardo da Vinci, Rufino Tamayo, comparative and superlative adjectives, discussion, comprehension.)
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The Best Beard Show
More than 250 men met in southwest Germany for the 10th annual world beard and mustache championships. The men were from 15 different countries. (Beards, competitions, Past Simple.)
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Holiday Blues
A survey by TripAdvisor, a travel website, found 34% of Americans felt depressed after they came home after a summer vacation. They said they didn't want to go back to work. 64% said they felt depressed while they were on vacation. The survey found the best way to stop depression is to start planning the next holiday. Another article looks at meetings: Are they a waste of time? (Vacations and work, understanding statistical information.)
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Sick Days
A new study shows that calling in sick for work has more to do with being well than with being sick. (work, health)
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Charge it!
A New Jersey man charged up to nearly half a million dollars on more than 20 cards during one year! (Crime, credit cards, shopping.)
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