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Choose Your Toy
The first day of the American International Toy Fair in New York was cheerful as manufacturers like Mattel Inc, MEGA Brands Inc and Spin Master try to encourage buyers from around the world. Movies and toys with the latest technology should help sell toys. (Toys, children, technology.)
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There are some dumb criminals out there!! (Crime, writing a story, escapes, past continuous.)
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Drunk Driver
Canadians reacted with "disbelief and outrage" after an Ontario court ruled that a drunk driver's accident was partly her employer's fault and ordered the company to pay her $200,000 in damages. What do you think? (Business, employer responsibility, crime, driving, modals in the past - 'should have')
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Old Games Or Dangerous Games
An increasing number of Indonesians are taking a stand against digital games like Pokemon Go. They are encouraging children to play traditional toys like wooden spinning tops and bamboo pinwheels. Parents in the US who are part of a growing trend of people turning to 'tabletop games' as a social alternative to screen time.
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By Another Name
A new image for prunes after a $10 million makeover changing their name to "dried plums". (sales, marketing, food, adjectives, comparatives)
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Forget the fly swatter, a new trap has been launched in Singapore that lures biting insects to their doom by fooling them into thinking they are heading for a juicy human. (New invention, insects and pests, prefixes.)
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Bank Robber!
At an age when many teenagers are just opening their first bank accounts, a 16-year-old Toronto girl was busy robbing them. (Youth crime, pronouns, referencing.)
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Animal Friends
A dolphin who saves people and a legal battle to possibly save a dog. (Animals, DNA testing)
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A Long Goodbye
85 years after it was thrown into the sea, the goodbye mesage in a bottle was found. (Amazing stories, love, messages in a bottle, word order)
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Heavy Metal Music
Two New Zealand pensioners were surprised to find themselves surrounded by 1,500 head banging heavy metallers at a concert by Dallas heavy metal group Pantera after winning concert tickets in a newspaper competition. (Music, age, language describing ages.)
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The Best!
This lesson has two news stories. One about how a Mexican great-great grandmother and athlete, who holds numerous gold medals for long distance running, celebrated her 90th birthday, vowing to break more records. The other article is about where the hottest chili on earth is grown! (Old athlete, chili)
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