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Sue them!
Does your boss plague you with irritating phone calls at home? You'd be well within your rights to sue, says Britain's Institute of Management. (Business, conditions of employment, rights and responsibilities,writing an application letter, employment agency role play, use of 'even'.)
Instant Workbook HTML Format
Purple Ketchup in Bid for Kids
Ketchup maker H.J. Heinz Co. is making purple ketchup to appeal to children. (Business, colors, the passive.)
HTML Format
The "Babel" Machine
This is about the emergence of so-called "machine translation", which has raised hopes among some --and strong doubts among others -- that computers will one day make human interpreters obsolete. (Translation, computers, technology, interpreters, language, the -ing forms, gerunds, verbs, adjectives)
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Pocket Monsters
British teachers have accused the makers of Pokemon "fantasy monster" cards of fueling an obsession among children which has turned to violence. What do you think? (Pokemon cards, marketing, Britain, Puerto Rico, children, obsessions, trends, verb tense review: Present Simple/Simple Past/Present Perfect or Future)
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Lunch Hour Chewed Up
Increasing work pressures have eaten into Britain's traditional lunch hour, reducing it to a 36-minute break. (Work pressure, lunch hours, health, changes in workplace, Britain, word order)
Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate
HTML Format
Downsizing may be just the thing to boost company profits but the streamlining exercise makes employees sick. (Business, downsizing, employee health problems, the verb 'to be', present tense)
HTML Format
Business Class
Portland, Oregon scored top marks as the favorite U.S. airport for business travelers, while Singapore was the number one destination for international travel, according to a new survey. "This is a poll of our readers, who leave no corner of the globe untraveled in the name of work,". (Business travel, airports, matching and listening game, functional language - booking an air ticket, requesting, apologizing, socializing, facts and figures.)
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Graveyard Shift
Italian researchers have found that shift work may not only make people grumpy, but it could also put them at a higher risk of heart disease. (Shift work, health, jobs, business, verb agreements, irregular verbs, simple past)
Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate
HTML Format
"Right now, the antibacterial obsession of the public is providing us with products that kill off beneficial microorganisms - but leave some deadly bacteria in their wake." (Health, business, allergies, the passive.)
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Choose Your Toy
The first day of the American International Toy Fair in New York was cheerful as manufacturers like Mattel Inc, MEGA Brands Inc and Spin Master try to encourage buyers from around the world. Movies and toys with the latest technology should help sell toys. (Toys, children, technology.)
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Holiday Blues
A survey by TripAdvisor, a travel website, found 34% of Americans felt depressed after they came home after a summer vacation. They said they didn't want to go back to work. 64% said they felt depressed while they were on vacation. The survey found the best way to stop depression is to start planning the next holiday. Another article looks at meetings: Are they a waste of time? (Vacations and work, understanding statistical information.)
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Not Music To My Ears
An Australian shopping center has found a novel way to deter teenage loiterers -- playing loud Bing Crosby music. (Teenagers, Bing Crosby, music, Australian slang)
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