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It's a dog's life
A plush, furnished place with televisions, a Feng Shui garden, showers, piped music and an aromatherapy unit - for homeless dogs! Funded largely from money left in a will. (Wills, leaving money to people and organizations, debate, designing an advertisement, English expressions.)
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Lost and Found
A British tourist who lost a gold-plated watch while on holiday in Malta found a gold ring on her way to a police station to report her loss. (Losing and finding, holidays, travel, honesty, relative clauses using "who".)
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Finders Keepers?
A 22-year-old who describes himself as poor but honest became a hero when he found and returned a plastic bag crammed with $203,000 that had fallen off the back of an armored car the night before. (Honesty, finding money, sequencing, the past perfect.)
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Town Warns Drivers: Get a Grip While on Phone
This lesson looks at how motorists using cellular phones must now keep both hands on the steering wheel. (Cell phones, driving laws, accidents, technology, to + infinitive to show purpose)
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Switch Off Your Phone!
Modern Etiquette: Ringing in good mobile phone manners! Modern technology may have provided us with mobile phones and the convenience of instant communication, but it's also created a lot more ways to irritate or offend. This lesson also looks at mobile phone misuse by politicians and doctors. (Laws, crime, technology, scanning paragraphs for topics, word order)
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Spiderman - third time lucky
Alain Robert scaled one of the tallest skyscrapers in Barcelona without a harness. (Strange hobbies, dangerous activities, superlatives, sentence reconstruction.)
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Slow Down
An anti-speeding device which uses space satellite signals and cuts the fuel supply to cars breaking speed limits could save thousands of lives on Britain's roads. (Car speeding, new technology, satellites, police, conditional sentences)
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See You In Court
A longtime fan, disgruntled with the play his favourite hockey team, has sued the club's owner for breach of contract. (Sport, law suits, suing, money, cause and effect)
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A 5-year-old Bungee Jumper
This article is about a man in France who has been stopped from getting his 5-year-old son into the record books as the youngest ever bungee jumper. (Parents' rights, children, dangerous activities, world records, sports, past simple and present perfect)
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Winning and Losing
A British couple bought a lottery ticket. The ticket won millions of pounds, but they had lost the ticket. They could prove they had bought the ticket, but the lottery company said that the rules said that no ticket means no prize. However, the company did pay for professional counseling for the couple. (Justice, fairness, rules, winning money, the uses of the present perfect.)
Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
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