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The Law

Justice Systems
Aromatherapy? Soft lights? Soothing string music? It sounds like a new age seance, but it's the new way of doling out justice, Brazilian-style. (Judges, courts, legal systems, punishment, phrasal verbs, smell/sound/feel/ + like, metaphors.)
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Winning Justice
This lesson is a follow-on from our previous lesson "Under Attack" and looks at how a Swedish court set a precedent on Friday by awarding damages to a student who was mercilessly bullied for being an "outsider". (Bullying, schools, court case, Sweden, parallelism or ellipsis.)
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Drunk Driver
Canadians reacted with "disbelief and outrage" after an Ontario court ruled that a drunk driver's accident was partly her employer's fault and ordered the company to pay her $200,000 in damages. What do you think? (Business, employer responsibility, crime, driving, modals in the past - 'should have')
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Bank Robber!
At an age when many teenagers are just opening their first bank accounts, a 16-year-old Toronto girl was busy robbing them. (Youth crime, pronouns, referencing.)
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A Quick Puff
A man has been arrested for allegedly allowing his 2-year-old son to smoke a cigarette in a restaurant. Find out what punishments he could face.(Children smoking, law courts, relative pronouns)
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Respect Please
A new law will require students to address teachers and other adult school employees as "ma'am" or "sir" and to use Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Miss. when calling them by name in the hope that this will contain youthful violence. (Schools, politeness, laws and punishment)
Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate
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