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The Media

For any author frustrated by rejections from publishing houses or wanting to cut out the middle man, there has never been an easier or cheaper time to self-publish. A host of free self-publishing platforms offered by Amazon, Apple and specialists like Smashwords have created new opportunities. (Self-publishing, books, drawing a process diagram.)
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Child Stars
Three years after a popular TV talent show launched child soprano Jackie Evancho on a meteoric career, she still has no singing coach, can't read music and sticks to a modest rehearsal routine. As she makes the transition to professional artist, Evancho, is seeking to balance her school work - and play time - with a busy concert tour schedule and recording her sixth album. (Singing, Jackie Evancho, child stars.)
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Do Journalists Help?
"Can you help?". "Oh ... maybe the American soldiers or the Red Cross up there can." "No, can YOU help? I need YOU to help my baby." Veteran journalists from all round the world came to cover the disaster, and it was interesting to see how they handled the often unspoken question of how to help: whether to photograph or carry the wounded baby first. (Haiti, Natural disasters and the role of the media.)
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A Model Citizen
Paris Hilton, the celebrity and hotel heiress who spent a stint in jail last year, said on Thursday she sees herself as a role model for young women as she prepared to judge a contest to crown Miss Turkey. (Movie stars, notoriety, role models, skimming and scanning, writing and conducting an interview, crossword.)
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Were you fooled?
This is all about April Fool's Day, with the history of the day, and some examples of strange stories in newspapers... some of which weren't April Fool's Day stories at all: They were true! (Jokes, news stories.)
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Believing the Web
More than 70 percent of adults aged 50 or older use some type of alternative medicine, such as herbal medicine, meditation, or seeing a chiropractor, according to new study findings. New strategies are needed to help assure the quality of information on the Internet; not all information is true. (Alternatives to conventional medicine, health information on the Internet, comprehension, finding information, giving an opinion, word search, should, shouldn't, have to, doesn't have to, had to.)
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Top Dog May Be Cheat?
The canine winner of the world's biggest dog show may be stripped of its title after being accused of having a secret facelift, the Times newspaper reported. (Dog shows, cosmetic surgery, dog breeding, facial expressions, understanding text organization, jumbled questions, active and passive, matching terms and definitions, sentences game.)
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Some hyperactive children thought to be suffering from attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder may just be overtired because they are bad sleepers or heavy snorers. (ADHD and sleep disorders, brainstorming, complete the sentence, matching sentence beginnings and endings, true or false, writing a headline, features of headlines, writing a news report, dictation, prefixes.)
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Police Cars For Sale
A Charlotte, N.C. company, Government Acquisitions, has come up with a plan to provide police departments free cruisers in exchange for having the cars sport advertising reminiscent of blurbs seen on NASCAR race cars. (Police departments and advertising, discussion, sequencing, matching information, true, false or not mentioned, expressing an opinion, listing advantages or disadvantages, have / get something done ...)
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TV Violence
Watching lots of violence on television and playing violent video games not only makes kids more physically aggressive, it makes them meaner and more distrustful, researchers said. (Effect of television and video game violence on young viewers, survey, writing a headline, comprehension, completing a table, vocabulary, prepositions, making rules for TV watching, evaluating different TV shows or computer games, interviews.)
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Too Much TV Bad For Kids?
Kids who spend more time watching TV--regardless of the content of the programming--are more likely to behave aggressively and have other types of social problems, a study has found. (Television watching and children, True, False or Not Given, writing questions, main idea, past simple, role-play, crossword.)
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Nostradamus Email
Thousands of people received e-mails containing a prophecy from 16th century French astrologer Nostradamus that forecast the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, often with a second part forecasting that the attack on the twin towers would mark the beginning of World War III. (Believing information, Nostradamus, email, summarizing, researching, giving a talk.)
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Life imitating art?
It was like life imitating art when a woman, who collapsed at a screening of "Thirteen Conversations About One Thing,'' was rescued by the movie's star, Matthew McConaughey. (Movies, movie stars, 20 questions, ordering, grammar dictation, use of "who".)
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