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Nine Months to Mars
More than a thousand people will now take tests to decide who will live on Mars. In 2011 two Dutchmen set up Mars One with the aim of having people live on Mars permanently from 2025. They hope the project will get money from investors and the rights from a TV documentary-reality television show of the tests, training and final selection. (Mars, reality television, science, travel, future forms and would like/love to do something.)
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Record Chat
Popular Norwegian crime writer Hans Olav Lahlum set the world record for the longest interview on Thursday after spending more than 30 non-stop hours chatting in an online television broadcast.(World records, interviews, superlative adjectives, nationality suffixes.)
Pre-Intermediate  Lesson Updated: 8 August 2013
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I'd rather watch "X Factor"
When she was a little girl, Elsa Hardcastle loved to dress up as a princess and read stories about young women swept off their feet by a prince charming. Now, the 10-year-old would rather watch a blockbuster episode of reality TV talent show "X Factor" and meet one of its pop singer judges than see Kate Middleton become a real-life princess when she marries Britain's Prince William. (Royalty, fame, X Factor, would rather.)
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The Beatles Leap Online
"The Beatles: Rock Band," marks the legendary band's first leap into selling their music digitally leading to much speculation on which songs would be used. For years, the Beatles' catalog of songs has not been available anywhere on Web sites such as iTunes. (Video games, music, The Beatles, modal passives.)
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CEOs and Workers
Never having cleaned a bathroom in his life, a CEO was down on his knees, scrubbing with great effort but little interest, under the watchful eye of his supervisor. He was one of several CEOs to get down and dirty for a week's worth of labor in the new reality-based show "Now Who's Boss?". (Reality television, CEOs, entertainment, discussion, finding the main idea, reading for specific information, completing a table of information, matching information, like as a preposition and as a verb.)
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Move Over, Karaoke
Frustrated actors have a new outlet for their creative urges that until now was only available to their singing cousins -- Movieoke, Karaoke's cinematic sibling. (Movieoke, entertainment, skimming, comprehension, completing a flowchart, true, false or not given, guessing vocabulary using the context, a,an,the, checking a summary, matching game - famous lines from movies, survey.)
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All Gadgets In One
Dennis Nally used to travel with a cell phone, an electronic organizer and a laptop. These days, the chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers carries a tiny handheld device that does it all. (Multipurpose gadgets, technology, consumers, understanding the headline, text organization, finding information, completing a table, interview, crossword - adjectives, adjectives - -ed and -ing, Gadgets game - ordering instructions and writing instructions for using a machine.)
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TV Violence
Watching lots of violence on television and playing violent video games not only makes kids more physically aggressive, it makes them meaner and more distrustful, researchers said. (Effect of television and video game violence on young viewers, survey, writing a headline, comprehension, completing a table, vocabulary, prepositions, making rules for TV watching, evaluating different TV shows or computer games, interviews.)
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Too Much TV Bad For Kids?
Kids who spend more time watching TV--regardless of the content of the programming--are more likely to behave aggressively and have other types of social problems, a study has found. (Television watching and children, True, False or Not Given, writing questions, main idea, past simple, role-play, crossword.)
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The Things They Get Up To In Europe
Europeans may love their television remote controls but most still don't use computers, a new poll showed. (Comparison of habits of Europeans (television, reading, computer use and music), map reading, pronunciation of names of countries and nationalities, conducting a survey, the word 'only'.)
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T V Dinners
Children who eat lunch when they are watching TV take in more calories and children in families who usually watch television during meals eat less fruit and fewer vegetables. They also eat more pizza, snack food and caffeine-laced drinks. (TV watching, food, diet, children, family, health.)
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Will You Marry Me?
A man in London hid a $12,000 engagement ring inside a helium balloon. The idea was that his sweetheart, Leanne, (26) would pop the balloon as he popped the question. But then the balloon blew away...(Romantic marriage proposals, predicting, comprehension, past simple tense: regular and irregular verbs, past simple and past continuous).
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Canadian Pioneers
Two Canadian couples will be left on an isolated farmstead on the Prairies where they will spend a year living as the region's pioneers did 130 years ago. Why? For 68,000 reasons. Find out what happened. (TV shows, living in the past, Canada, history, conjunctions)
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Academy Rewards
Academy Award organizers have come up with a novel idea for avoiding those boring Oscar acceptance speeches filled with "thank yous." Their solution: have the winners give two speeches--a short one and a long one. (Academy Awards, speeches.)
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