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Children's Literature

The Ups and Downs of Child Stars
Everyone thinks their child is a superstar. But if that actually is true, then watch out. You have to start thinking about how to develop that talent and how to pay for it all. The "Harry Potter" are stars all grown up. Emma Watson said that for years she had no idea how much money she was earning and Radcliffe talks of the ups and downs of being a star. (Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, children's books, synonyms, word forms, choose the best answer.)
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A Harry Potter "LARP"
Clad in robes and pointed hats, would-be sorcerers wave their wands and cast spells as they hone their magic skills at their very own College of Wizardry. Role playing witches and wizards in Poland or visiting Diagon Alley in Florida are two of the opportunities available to Harry Potter fans. (Live action role playing, Harry Potter, amusement parks, Hogwarts.)
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For any author frustrated by rejections from publishing houses or wanting to cut out the middle man, there has never been an easier or cheaper time to self-publish. A host of free self-publishing platforms offered by Amazon, Apple and specialists like Smashwords have created new opportunities. (Self-publishing, books, drawing a process diagram.)
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Writers say “Read”
This lesson is about children's books, the future of reading, and the importance of reading! It includes information on writers Malorie Blackman and Jacqueline Wilson, with Jacqueline Wilson kindly doing an exclusive interview with ETG! (Writing, reading, famous people, books, e-books, education.)
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Library Fines
The New York Public Library will waive the outstanding fines of up to 143,000 city children currently barred from borrowing new items on the condition they do one thing: read. Beginning on Monday, children enrolled in the library system's summer reading program will be able to knock $1 from their bill for every 15 minutes of reading they complete. (Libraries, debts, reading, describing a process, dialog and role play work.)
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Long Live The Book
India's booming publishing market is proof of the physical book's staying power, said participants at Asia's largest literary event, the DSC Jaipur Literary Festival. "You read something on Twitter and you know it is ephemeral," said Patrick French, a best-selling historian and biographer who has written extensively on Asia. "Yet the book is a solid thing. The book endures." (Future of books, printed books and e-books, reading habits of different nationalities, India.)
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Santa School
A school for Santas has opened in Japan, a country with little Christian tradition and a Christmas that is more about shopping than religion. (Santa, finding the main idea, gap fill, true or false, mixed sentences, sequencing, complete the picture.)
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A Moviemakers' Paradise
New Zealand, where the Lord of the Rings films were shot, is spending millions of dollars promoting itself as a movie makers' paradise, as well as encouraging tourists to come and see where Lord of the Rings was filmed: "New Zealand is Middle Earth,'' says actor Elijah Wood, who plays Frodo. (New Zealand, movie making, movies, prepositions.)
Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
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A British man who went underground behind blast-proof doors and thick concrete to avoid a family Christmas emerged early. Why? Do this lesson to find out and also learn the story of another Scrooge.
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Ring's Rave Reviews
"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'' and "The Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring," both films set in a fantasy world of magic, wizards and young heroes, have been crossing swords at the box office. Critics gave "Harry Potter" five stars. What did they give "Lord of the Rings"? (Movies, critics, movie ratings, movie vocabulary, "as...as" used to make comparisons, playing charades.)
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