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Teachers' Room > Lesson Library > Recent Lessons

Find the lessons that have been released over the last few weeks. Lessons are listed by type and student level and are in reverse chronological order.

Instant Lessons

Title: Spiderman Lives
Date:4 February 2019
Topic:Alain Robert scales the world's tallest skyscrapers without a harness - for fun! (Strange hobbies, dangerous activities, superlatives, sentence reconstruction.)
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Title: Robots
Date:12 March 2019
Topic:The robots at the Enjoy Budapest Cafe can do it all - they can serve up food and drink, tell jokes, dance with the kids or just hang out. There are 20 different robot models at Tokyo’s Shin-tomi nursing home "making life more fun". (Robots, nurses, health, technology, 'will', 'by + verb + ing' used to say how something is done.)
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Title: Keep On Moving
Date:21 February 2019
Topic:Using a wheelchair in war-torn Yemen is not easy. To get to work each day, 26-year-old Yaarub Eissa rolls over dusty, bumpy roads and up and down steps. He then lifts himself onto the back of a passing motorbike and hooks his folded chair on the back. (Yemen, conflict, future dreams, disability, writing a message, identifying and using present perfect simple, present simple and past simple verb forms)
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Title: Clean Up
Date:4 March 2019
Topic:People around the world are working to clean up rivers and collect tonnes of old plastic bags, bottles and other rubbish. (The environment, recycling, diapers, nappies, essay writing, writing a letter of complaint, verb plus the infinitive or the '-ing' form.)
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Instant Workbook
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Title: Veganism on the Menu
Date:3 February 2019
Topic:Teenage London restaurant manager Abdul Muhaimen settled his first-year university bill by cashing in on a rising trend: veganism. The demand for plant-based foods is increasing with the global meat substitute market expected to reach $7.5 billion by 2025, a jump of 83 percent, from $4.1 billion in 2017, according to a study by Allied Market Research. (Veganism, restaurants, consumerism, restaurant vocabulary.)
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Anna Grammar

Title: Anna Grammar Worksheet - Modals - Could have
Date:4 March 2019
Topic:Could can be used with "have" + past participle to talk about things that were possible in the past - things we didn't do. This worksheet gives practice using this form.
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Weekly Warmer

Title: All You Ever Wanted To Know About: The Oscars
Date:7 February 2019
Topic:A short activity to practice reading for understanding, asking and answering questions and to learn about the Oscars.
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Title: I used to be...
Date:3 March 2019
Topic:This warmer encourages students to use 'used to...' to describe past habits and states.
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