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Teachers' Room > Lesson Library > Recent Lessons

Find the lessons that have been released over the last few weeks. Lessons are listed by type and student level and are in reverse chronological order.

Instant Lessons

Title: High Heels At Work
Date:2 July 2019
Topic:Yumi Ishikawa, a part-time receptionist in Japan, has more than 20,000 signatures after she tweeted a #Ku-Too petition ('kutsu' - shoes and 'kutsuu' - pain) about having to wear high heels at work. A London temporary worker got more than 120,000 signatures in a petition in one week asking Britain to say companies can't make women wear high heels at work. (Gender equality, work, shoes.)
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Title: I Never Looked Back
Date:4 June 2019
Topic:When Gaelle Asheri first started playing soccer in the dirt streets near her home, she was the only girl. The teams in the neighborhood used stones for goal posts. They kept score by writing the results with chalk on a wall. (Soccer, women's soccer, present simple tense to describe routine, frequency adverbs.)
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Title: Two Love
Date:1 June 2019
Topic:Former world number one Victoria Azarenka was afraid becoming pregnant in 2016 would end her tennis career, but says she returned to the game stronger after the birth of her son. (Tennis, female players, rules.)
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Title: A Buzzing Business
Date:1 July 2019
Topic:With a workforce of elderly women and using local ingredients, a honey and confectionery business put together with funds raised online is breathing life into an ailing Russian village. (Local businesses, Russia, honey.)
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Anna Grammar

Title: Modals in the Past - Would have
Date:9 July 2019
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Weekly Warmer

Title: What Insect Am I?
Date:1 July 2019
Topic:This warmer is a good activity when the group is relatively new and still learning about each other. It helps student practice listening for instructions and to share ideas.
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Title: How Often Were You Late For School...?
Date:4 June 2019
Topic:This warmer helps students practice asking How often...? with the simple past tense and using frequency adverbs to find out people's experiences of elementary school when they were younger.
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