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Teachers' Room > Lesson Library > Recent Lessons

Find the lessons that have been released over the last few weeks. Lessons are listed by type and student level and are in reverse chronological order.

Instant Lessons

Title: A Sporting Cheer Up
Date:19 September 2019
Topic:Elderly people in Japan do social activities like cheerleading or playing rugby. There are around 10,000 older rugby players in Japan. Rugby keeps players fit and helps them meet other people. These women are elderly, but they love cheerleading. They are 60 to 70 years old and think cheerleading is fun. (Hobbies, rugby, cheerleading and adjectives.)
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Title: Halloween Treats at London Zoo
Date:21 October 2019
Topic:Halloween comes early at London Zoo as its giraffes, squirrel monkeys and gorillas enjoyed some special treats in carved-out pumpkins. Keepers at the London park got into the spooky spirit by preparing fiendish surprises for the animals. (Halloween, festivals, vocabulary, T, F & creating an advertisement.)
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Title: Wrestling Sexism
Date:11 November 2019
Topic:They're taking on yet another bastion of male privilege: the sumo ring. "Little Miss Sumo". is a documentary tracking attempts to take on sporting inequality in Japan... (Sumo wrestling, women's rights, Japan, sport, sports terms)
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Title: City Slickers In The Country
Date:20 September 2019
Topic:A French court ruled that Maurice the rooster could keep crowing despite complaints from neighbors. Maurice’s case highlights tensions around city dwellers who buy summer homes in the countryside without being ready to cope with the realities of rural life. An English millionaire moved to the countryside, then took a local farmer to court because he was irritated by mud, sheep and lowing cows! (The countryside, using infinitives to express purpose)
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Title: You Cannot Have My Food And Not Have Me
Date:9 October 2019
Topic:When Asma Khan first arrived in Britain from India in 1991, the racism was so bad she had to learn to cycle fast to avoid being hit by the bottles lobbed at her. Now, the award-winning chef is using her success in London - where her restaurant has a celebrity clientèle and a month's-long waiting list - to help other immigrant women overcome the twin barriers of racism and sexism. (Cooking, chefs, migration, racism, non-defining relative clauses.)
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Weekly Warmer

Title: Find Your Other Half - Weird Trash
Date:22 October 2019
Topic:What's washing up in your neighborhood? This warmer is an enjoyable way for students to learn about a growing concern - the scale of waste and the shape it can take.
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