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Teachers' Room > Lesson Library > Recent Lessons

Find the lessons that have been released over the last few weeks. Lessons are listed by type and student level and are in reverse chronological order.

Instant Lessons

Title: Redbacks and Snakes on the Move
Date:29 March 2021
Topic:Snakes and snakes are going inside to escape flooding and redback spiders are going inside to make new homes. (Snakes, spiders, Australia, comprehension, prediction, reading for understanding, answering true or false questions, countable and uncountable nouns, much, many, some, any, a few, a little, few, less)
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Instant Workbook
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Title: Conquering Karate
Date:3 March 2021
Topic:Youssef Abu Amira doesn't let disabilities hold him back. He is now doing karate. Abu Amira was born with no legs and his arms are only partially developed. He has an orange belt in karate. (Karate, ambitions, present simple tense forms, present simple tense to talk about habits and facts).
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Title: Space Travel
Date:11 March 2021
Topic:A trip into space for an ex-patient will be an inspiration for children at St Jude's hospital. (Competitions, prizes, space travel, the solar system, suffixes, prepositions ‘before’ and ‘after’ followed by a verb.)
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Weekly Warmer

Title: All You Ever Wanted To Know About: The Oscars
Date:19 March 2021
Topic:A short activity to practice reading for understanding, asking and answering questions and to learn about the Oscars.
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