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Teachers' Room > Lesson Library > Recent Lessons

Find the lessons that have been released over the last few weeks. Lessons are listed by type and student level and are in reverse chronological order.

Instant Lessons

Title: Surprise Trips
Date:17 January 2018
Topic:A seven-year-old girl caught a train to Geneva airport and boarded a plane although she did not have a ticket. A 9-year-old boy from Minneapolis caught a flight to Las Vegas without a ticket and three German children aged five, six and seven who said they were fed up with cold weather set off to Africa but only got as far as the local train station. (Children, transport, taxis, past simple and past continuous tenses, ordinal numbers, the prefix -un.)
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Instant Workbook
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Title: Growing Up During The War
Date:3 January 2018
Topic:In just a year, a small Bosnian museum dedicated to the experience of growing up during the Balkan wars has opened, won a best European museum prize and decided to go global. The War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo, full of memorabilia from Bosnians whose childhood was traumatized by the 1990s war, has started collecting personal items from children affected by other wars. (Children, wartime situations, memories.)
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Title: Designing The Downhill
Date:26 January 2018
Topic:It’s the ninth time he’s designed the Olympic downhill ski course, but Bernhard Russi will still feel his nerves tauten when racing gets under way in South Korea next month. Further playing on his nerves, though, is the knowledge of the extreme risks faced by the men and women trying to conquer the course he has set. (Downhill skiing, Winter Olympics, safety.)
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Anna Grammar

Title: Anna Grammar Worksheet - Confusables - Than & Then
Date:1 January 2018
Topic:When should you use 'than' and 'then'? We take a look at these commonly confused words to help you get it right.
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Weekly Warmer

Title: Chinese New Year
Date:12 January 2018
Topic:To practice reading for understanding, to practice asking and answering questions, to learn about customs of different cultures.
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Title: Soccer World Cup - Russia, 2018
Date:1 January 2018
Topic:This warmer gets students talking, forming questions and scanning for information.
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