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Reuters's Course Outlines

Living English



Not sure what order to teach our resources?
Want to know what to teach first or what resources go with what?

Living English:
These outlines tell you which of our resources to teach first and help you match appropriate resources by topic, vocabulary and grammar point. The outlines are updated regularly as new resources are added to the English-to-go libraries.

For Teachers
We recommend new teachers go through the resources as listed, and use course outlines to know which resources to teach like a regular textbook. However, Living English enables you to adapt to the needs of your students by reviewing each resource and choosing the ones you wish to print.

You can:
- look at the alternative resources already listed.
- check to see if any resources been updated since you last taught the course.
- search the database for other resources on grammar points or topics that are best suited to your class.

Living English - Upper-Intermediate

Living English - Intermediate

Living English - Pre-Intermediate

Living English - Elementary

Instant Workbooks: an integrated part of Living English. These interactive online exercises reinforce work done in class. These can be done at school, as a class or individually, or done at home as homework. The complete library of interactive online resources are available on's sister site,, and can be added to Living English either at an individual student level, or through an institution's computer room.

How To Use

Resources and activities have been sequenced and structured into a into a 12-unit course outline, with the names of printable resources and online Instant Workbooks.

Print out the course outline, and then as you teach the units, find the recommended resources by using the ‘Search library’ function for the Instant Lessons and the ‘Search Resources’ function for the warmers, grammar and vocabulary worksheets and Instant workbooks.

Each Unit should be taught over a teaching week. Leave out specific recommended resources or activities, or replace or supplement them with other resources by searching the library for alternative resources.


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