Course Outline - Units 1 - 12

Unit One - How Are You Feeling? (Health Issues)
Language - Present Simple and Present Continuous

Unit Two - Strange But True (Amazing Stories)
Language - Past Simple and Past Continuous

Unit Three - Three Animals Old And New (Animals)
Language - Participles and the Passive

Unit Four - Where Do You Work? (Jobs, Careers and Workplaces)
Language - Present Perfect

Unit Five - I Feel Angry! (Emotions)
Language - Comparatives, Superlatives

Unit Six - The Things People Do! (People who do strange things)
Language - Relative Clauses

Unit Seven - I do! (Love, friendship and Ceremonies)
Language - Quantifiers

Unit Eight - Young and Old (Families, Age Issues)
Language - Modals to express obligation; modals to express possibility

Unit Nine - Shopping (Interesting Products and Consumer Issues)
Language - Future forms

Unit Ten - That’s Not Junk! (The Environment)
Language - Conditionals: zero, first, second

Unit Eleven -Time For Some Fun (Leisure)
Language - Third Conditional

Unit Twelve - How Can We Help? (Social and Humanitarian Issues)
Language - Past Perfect and Reported Speech

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