Course Outline - Units 1 - 10

Unit One - I Live At The White House (Families)                  
Language - Present Simple                                                                                           

Unit Two - What On Earth Are You Doing?(Shopping)
Language - Present continuous                                                                        

Unit Three - A Healthy Diet (Food)
Language - Countable and uncountable nouns, expressions of quantity                                                                                    

Unit Four - Where Did You Go On The Weekend? (Human interest stories)
Language - Past simple and past continuous                                                        

Unit Five - Let's Celebrate! (Festivals and wacky events)
Language - Verb patterns                                        

Unit Six - The Most Expensive And The Rarest (Unusual things)
Language - Comparative and superlative forms                                                      

Unit Seven - What Does The Future Hold? (The Future)
Language - Future forms                                                             

Unit Eight - Where Are The Trees? (The Environment)
Language - Present perfect simple                                          

Unit Nine - Winning and Losing (Success and failure stories)
Language - First and second conditional

Unit Ten - Escaping A Date (Relationships)
Language - Modals verbs of obligation and expectations

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