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"English-To-Go, the first serious attempt to teach online via the Internet, is a fun and creative way to learn the language. For teachers, it's a godsend: no more hacking up daily papers and then spending hours creating a lesson around a clipping. ETG does the job for you…" - Japan Times, June 6. 1999.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit the English-To-Go website. Thank you also for your interest in our Japanese version textbook proudly co-produced with Macmillan LanguageHouse Japan.

Please consider joining English-To-Go. As a member you will have access to hundreds of searchable materials that help your students communicate in English and increase their knowledge of the world.

Take a look around the site or sign up immediately as an annual gold member for less than the cost of a daily paper (US$120 for 1 year). You can use the coupon in the front pages of the teachers' book to receive your 20% discount. Payment is via credit card billed in Japanese Yen or bank transfer.

The resources on this site meet the new language teaching criteria put in place by the Japanese Education Ministry in April 2002.

Click here to join now. Or contact us with questions and feedback. helpdesk@english-to-go.com.

Summary of content available through English-To-Go

At English-To-Go, we understand that English is the language of international communication. To communicate in the global economy it is not enough to know English alone. It is now essential to have a grasp of the global community and to understand how other people live and work. Our goal is to not only teach English, but to provide students and teachers the opportunity to engage and debate issues globally. Our hope is that with communication comes the development of mutual respect, understanding and cooperation.

Teachers' Room

The Teachers' Room is the central hub of activity on the English-To-Go website. To get to the Teachers Room you need to log in with your own username and password from www.english-to-go.com . In the Teachers' Room, members find the latest English-To-Go news and have access to all of the English-To-Go resources as well as the opportunity to meet other members.

Lesson Library

The Instant Lessons Library is a searchable archive with hundreds of high quality, ready-to-use lessons based on current Reuters news stories. Searches may be done by topic, keywords, grammar point, language level and more. You can also create your own collection of favorite lessons with the 'My Lessons' online personal folder. New Instant Lessons are added weekly.

Weekly Warmers ™

Weekly Warmers are short activities designed to stimulate and energize your students. They work as great starters and fillers. New Weekly Warmers are added to the Library each week.

Anna Grammar ™

Expert advice on difficult grammar issues from our resident grammar expert. New Anna Grammar articles are added to the English-To-Go Library each week.

Max Vocab ™

Max is the vocabulary expert who provides interesting and insightful information on the history of specific words within the English Language. New vocabulary lessons are added each month.

Instant Workbook

Instant Workbook provides interactive tools for English language students in a self-study learning environment. The exercises in Instant Workbook ™ are based on Instant Lessons™, exclusively available to our Gold Members for their students. Instant Workbook.com is the companion website to English-To-Go.com. The exercises complement our other materials from the English-To-Go website, and can be used as a follow-on from lessons.


SelfAccess provides interactive, self-study learning tools for English language students. SelfAccess is designed for students wanting to improve and develop the skills required to successfully pass the IELTS, FCE and TOEFL examinations. The lessons also provide EAP ( English for Academic Purposes) support for those students already studying at secondary or tertiary level.

In addition to all of this, we will send you a weekly newsletter with the latest lessons (you can opt in or out of this service) as well as access to the Discussion Boards where you can speak with fellow teachers about your experiences. Join Now!

English-To-Go meets the new guidlines set out by the Japanese Education Ministry.

In the Monbukagakusho (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). '"Course of Study for High School, section 8, Foreign languages, 3-2-(1)" which was published March 1999 and came into effect April 2002. it states:

"In order to enhance students' practical English communication ability, teaching materials should include sufficient language situations and functions. Such materials should focus on the everyday life of English users, peoples of the world, and Japanese people, their customs and habits, stories, geography, history, etc. From these, materials should be selected from a variety of perspectives to address the students' developmental stage and interests.

A) To encourage the understanding of various viewpoints and ideals and to foster evenhanded judgement and open-mindedness.

B) To deepen students' understanding of the lifestyles and culture of peoples of the world and Japan while raising their interest in language and culture and foster a respectful attitude towards them.

C) To deepen international understanding from a broad view and increase students' awareness of themselves as Japanese living in a global society while supporting a spirit of international collaboration."

Translated from the Japanese at: http://www.mext.go.jp/b_menu/shuppan/sonota/990301d/990301i.htm

English-To-Go meets all these criteria and more ....

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