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Anna is Real!
Anna Grammar sounds like a made up name, and it is! However, Anna Grammar is real. Here she answers some non-grammar questions about herself.

"Over the years, some people have asked English-To-Go.com whether I was real. Of course! I really am an Ann, I really teach English (I run my own language school), and I really love grammar."

Ann has taught English since 1976, and has run her own language school since 1990. She has been answering grammar questions for English-To-Go.com for nearly ten years. She initially had some assistance from a dog.

"I was helped in the early years of English-To-Go.com by my very special dog, Wolfie. Wolfie's full name was Prof Wolfgang Amadeus, and he knew more English grammar than any other dog, partly because he attended more English classes than any other dog (he lay under a desk in my classroom), and partly because he was a very clever and sociable little dog. He actually answered some grammar questions on English-To-Go."

Anna herself has written a number of courses, including ones for Anglo American mining staff, and other corporations. She also compiles materials for her school's courses.

"When I started teaching the World Wide Web had not been developed. It has been very interesting to see which of the 'old fashioned' tried and true teaching techniques still work as well as ever, and which aspects of teaching have been changed by the Web."

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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

- Fantasy Sport, Instant Lesson
Fantasy sports are exploding onto new platforms like smart phones and social networking sites.  Conducting a survey, fact or opinion.

- Web Life, Instant Lesson
Written references could become old hat for hiring managers with one in five saying they use social networking sites to research job candidates. Job hiring processes, job ads, conditionals.

- Education - Max Vocabulary Worksheet
An upper-intermediate vocabulary worksheet looking at types of education and schooling.

- Anna Grammar Worksheet - Past Simple
A pre-intermediate worksheet looking at rules and uses of this tense.

- Business Class, Instant Lesson
Top airports, hotels and airlines in 2008. Business travel, airports, matching and listening game, functional language, - booking an air ticket, requesting, apologizing, socializing, air travel vocabulary, describing facts and figures.

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'Halloween' Resources include:

- The Origins of Halloween, Weekly Warmer
Listening for information, reading for understanding.

- Ghostly Stories, Weekly Warmer
Encouraging fluency through story telling.

This month's Point of Interest
This month’s Point of Interest is from ' 'Breakfast Study', Instant Lesson (Pre-Intermediate)

Some people think that if you look in a glass of water at Halloween you will see your future partner. (True: some people believe this.)

Arangephobia is a fear of spiders. (False: arachnophia is a fear of spiders.)

The world's biggest pumpkin was 1502 pounds. (True)

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