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This week, English-To-Go is pleased to announce an exciting new product "Instant Workbook". See the details below.

* Today's Top Teaching Tips!... "Students going to the bathroom when tasks get difficult"
* Instant Workbook............. NEW PRODUCT!
* Elementary Lesson............ "Yum Yum!"
* Intermediate Lesson.......... "Karaoke"
* Upper-Intermediate Lesson.... "Pacific Weather Patterns"
* Anna Grammar................. "Currency symbols"
* Weekly Warmer................ "Chain of Command"
* Self Access.................. "Exams - Are they fair?"
* The Last Word................ "A Successful Diet..."

Today's Top Teaching Tips! - "Students go to the bathroom when tasks get
difficult". Try these tips.
* Check student's levels. Is anyone misplaced?
* Say, 'I notice you leave when tasks are difficult, is there a problem?'
* Clarify that students need to go before starting a lesson. Once the lesson begins, they are expected to stay.
* Give student indispensable roles (e.g.: nominate a 'reporter')

As a Gold Member you now have full and exclusive access to the new Instant Workbook! The exercises in Instant Workbook are based on Instant Lessons and complement our other materials from the English-To-Go website, and can be used as a follow-on from lessons and other resources you have already enjoyed.

Instant Workbook features include:
- Exercises for your students based on Instant Lessons and Anna Grammar
- Plan exercises based on your lesson plan and view exercises used
- View exercises before selecting them
- Use My Workbook to select and store exercises.
- Lists of exercises under Library
- Create a username and password to control student access to exercises
- Exercises are available for 5 days and can be reused
- Select the dates exercises are available to your students
- One username and password for all students
- Username and passwords access only one lesson

Click here to try Instant Workbook: www.instantworkbook.com

Please feel free to use the Feedback Form to tell us what you think of Instant Workbook and to report any difficulties. You may also find the help desk useful in familiarizing yourself with the new site.

Elementary Lesson - "Yum Yum!"

Germans bored with foods like sausages and sauerkraut crowded into a restaurant in Berlin to try something new when the restaurant put insects on its menu. (Restaurants and unusual menus, reading in detail, true or false, discussion, bored and boring.) Date: 08 May 2002

Intermediate Lesson - "Karaoke"
This is about new technology that could give even the most tone-deaf karaoke crooner perfect pitch. It adjusts sing-along music automatically to the pitch and tempo best-suited to an individual singer. Good news for singers and listeners! (Technology, music, entertainment, survey, role play, nouns used as adjectives.) Date: 08 May 2002

Upper-Intermediate Lesson - "Pacific Weather Patterns"
Cutting edge world science has produced a sudden consensus that a feared El Nino weather pattern is likely to be developing in the Pacific. (Weather forecasting, El Nino, affect and effect, keeping a weather journal.) Date: 08 May 2002

Anna Grammar - "Currency symbols"
Arnaud asks Anna about the placement of currency symbols, so Anna consulted a style expert for this reply. Date: 08 May 2002

Weekly Warmer - "Chain of Command"
This warmer could be done as a review activity after students have learned about reported speech. Date: 08 May 2002

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Self Access - "Exams - Are they fair?"
This week's lesson examines this issue and also looks at stress and homeschooling. You can listen to an interview, reorder sentences and complete an argumentative essay.

The Last Word
A successful diet is the triumph of mind over platter.

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